Eventful week!

I have had a fairly packed week this week and certainly an eventful one. They say everything comes in threes and I think that is true to an extent.

The beginning of the week was a very productive one, I fixed the greenhouse back up so that it was useable again, no wind and rain blowing in any more, tidied up all the plastic pots so they are no longer flying all round the garden every time the wind blows. I also took the opportunity on a dry day to give the greenhouse a coat of wood preservative and put a few more slabs down around the outside, it’s looking good any ready for anything now. I potted up Lupin seedlings that I found while I was weeding and a couple of small Bay trees that were growing from the roots of my big Bay tree. Some Mushroom spawn that I ordered I have now put in a dark box full of rotted muck and finger crossed they will grow, I also potted up around 12 raspberry canes that Mum bought over and a loganberry. A visitor who came to get some muck for his garden is kindly going to bring me a Clematis later on in the year that he has potted up which will be some welcome colour and much appreciated. Those jobs were all in between the rainy days of course, when it’s nice like this morning it’s easy to get on, I love a frosty sunny morning, it lifts the soul, but the minute the rain comes I scuttle off back indoors, mainly because it’s cold with it and I don’t want to end up with the flu.

That was all at the beginning of the week, by Thursday our first of three struck, that was the phone call so say that the Landrover hand broken down. It was at the end of the day as our eldest daughter was driving home, luckily Hubby was not too far away and went to find her, it had to go into the garage to be fixed thankfully it does not look like it will be too expensive! The second and by far the worst was on the Friday evening, we knew the Rayburn and the flues needed cleaning and they were scheduled for the weekend. For some reason as we were getting ready to go and see our middle daughter for her birthday, Hubby decided to open her up to get her going a bit and then went for a shave, the next thing I saw was smoke billowing across the front yard. The chimney had caught fire and there was a lot of clinker in the flue box, normally when you shut it all down it dies down and goes out, but not this time. It took us a couple of hours to get the situation fully under control, Hubby was up on the roof with a wet towel over the flue but the enamel flue got so hot that it was glowing red in places and the twin wall flue got so hot that anything remotely flammable near it started to catch. Luckily we have a small kitchen extinguisher which I hate because it is quite ugly, but on this occasion I was glad it was there, it is the first time I have ever used one, I hope it’s the last. This one had powder in it and when I set it off the powder worked immediately but there was a layer of it all over the kitchen, then Hubby decided to be on the safe side he was smash a whole in the kitchen ceiling to make sure that nothing was in the ceiling cavity, the place looked like the aftermath of a disaster movie at the end of it. Eventually when we were sure it was all cold we went off to have a bit of birthday cake and a well earned cuppa. We were up early on the Saturday morning to start cleaning out all the flues and the fire box and of course the kitchen, typically it had been a cold night and so the sooner we did it the warmer we would be. The calendar is now marked once a month to clean out the flues even if they don’t need it doing!

As I am writing this it occurs to me that we have had more than three things actually as five of the Quail have died this week, probably my fault as I put them outside a bit too early I think. The most likely explanation is that they were too cold and huddled up together squashing the ones at the bottom, I have put an extra thick hay bed in for the remainder and so far they seem fine.

The last of the three that I originally thought about was the horse. Three of them went down to the field in the village on Saturday afternoon, this helps to keep our paddocks from getting too poached and gives them a change of scenery. Last night one of the horses appeared unwell, she had not eaten breakfast or dinner and was not interested in her hay, to make matters worse it was hammering down and she was laying down in the mud. Things always seem to happen at night when it is more difficult to asses a situation. She had to be bought back up to the yard which normally would not be a problem, but it was pitch black and raining heavily, walking back through the village is not too bad as it is lit but once outside the village and on the lane back home there are no lights. Torches in hand to warn traffic they walked her back without incident thankfully. Her temperature was up slightly and she has a bit of a snotty nose, so she is now in the warm and had some medication and seems to be a bit better this morning, certainly gobbling her food down anyway which is a good sign.

The weather forecasters say we can expect warmer weather at the end of the week, I do hope they are right, I have onion sets that need planting and it would be nice to be able to spend a couple of days in a row out on the garden to get everything up together. I have some little tete a tete daffodils that have now flowered and they make me smile whenever I walk past them, it’s great to see a splash of bright colour in amongst the rain and the mud, for me they hold the promise of what is to come.


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