Decent weather at last!

Finally we have had a run of decent weather which makes life a lot easier and certainly a lot happier 🙂

I feel much more inclined to get on when the ground is dry and I am not trudging through mud, will still have some fairly wet areas especially where the horses have churned up the ground but it is drying up daily.

The vegetable garden has got some much needed attention this week, I have spent at least three days out there, weeding and tidying, I even cut the grass, it was a bit wet and sticky but now it has dried out it looks ok. I have planted the onion sets and the garlic, then covered it over with environmesh so that the birds don’t tug at the ends of the onions and pull them back out of the ground. Mum has been over this week and put weed barrier down on the birds, bees and beer bed, it got very weedy last year and was quite impossible to keep it tidy so this year we have decided to cover the ground and hopefully it will be less work. I have also been weeding and cutting back in the herb garden, that got a bit neglected last year and needed an overhaul, any herbs that could be divided have been potted up ready for selling. There are four sage bushes in there but they have never done very well, they obviously don’t like it there and so I have dug them up and potted them for the time being until they recover, I then need to find somewhere else for them to be planted, somewhere they will thrive.

One of the paddocks also had a bit of a makeover when I had a spare hour last week, they can get overlooked with so much else to do, but cutting back the hedge so that it does not interfere with the electric fence is just as important as well as fixing any broken fencing and picking up stray bits of rubbish, generally making sure it is fit for purpose which is to keep the horses in.

We have had a couple of nights of disturbed sleep this week for various reasons, the first was the dog yapping continuously, we went out but could not see anything untoward, in the morning I discovered that one of the ducks had got herself shut in the fruit cage and was there all night which is why the dog was creating a fuss. The second time was a bit louder, with excited barking and a new noise that I had not heard before, at 1.30 in the morning I went out to see what was going on. One of the dogs had a cockerel in his kennel, the other who is locked in was trying to dig through the wooden floor to get to the cockerel. There was no way I was going to be able to get the bird off of the dog so I went to the freezer and got the other one a bone to chew on hoping that would quieten them down, it did, eventually. It seems that the fox had opened the door to the run where the cockerel was as there were feathers everywhere in there, I can only make an educated guess at what happened next, the cockerel must have got out through the door ran round to the front on the farm, a trail of feathers shows which route he took, then hopped over the gate and into the waiting dogs jaws! Out of the frying pan into the fire 😦

The Norfolk Grey eggs that I set in the incubator are due to hatch at the end of this week, I candled them and all of them are fertile so I am hoping for a high hatch rate, it was not the same for the bantam eggs only four out of six were fertile so less success there. They won’t be going outside for quite a while yet but I have been getting the pen that they will eventually go to ready, best to get it done sooner rather than later when it would be a last minute rush, I have been there before lol.

On a personal front we have exciting times coming up very quickly, at the end of this week my brother and his family will be flying in from Australia, and a week after that our middle daughter will be getting married, I have my fingers crossed for some weather like the weekend just gone. Trying to keep my nails clean and unchipped is proving to be a bit of a challenge particularly as I like to hand weed and I have tried different gloves but they all let the dirt through in the end. I shall have to have a manicure and take before and after photos as it is unlikely that my hands will look like that again for a very long time!


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