What a weekend, back to reality now.

After a fabulous but exhausting weekend of family celebrations and with the clocks going forward as well, I can hardly bring myself to get started on the farm this morning. Our daughters wedding was fabulous despite some thunder, lightening and rain, then we had lunch the next day with family, Mother’s Day on Sunday and my Mum’s 70th birthday party, I am just about done in!

Our farm sitter did a brilliant job which was much appreciated as we could not have had such a relaxed time away without the knowledge that someone was in charge back home. Everything was as it should be when we returned which she was very relived about.

The difficulty is motivation now after being on such a high all weekend, there is plenty to get on with as I have 70 birds arriving in a couple of weeks and need to get everything organised for them. The veg garden will be a priority as we are behind with some of the planting, but we can soon catch up hopefully. I had nice nails put on for the wedding and they are still on but for how much longer is anyone’s guess, it is quiet difficult to do the nitty gritty jobs with talons lol.

We are still having our sleep interrupted by the dog barking at whatever is mooching around at night, probably a fox but it could be badgers or deer, whatever it is I wish it would find somewhere else to go so we can sleep right through the night for a change.

The egg numbers have increased significantly and even the quail are laying again now, the hatchlings are growing at a steady rate and I have another batch arriving next week, we will have chicks galore hopefully.

The weather is warming up and the trees and shrubs are slowly beginning to burst into bud, nice to see greenery again after the grey months of Winter.

That is about as much as I can muster today, so have a great week everybody x


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