Mid week blog

Having had a very busy few days and with the amount of bank holidays we have had lately I have decided to blog mid week for a change. Today, apart from the basics I have given myself the day off from any major jobs. Over the last week we have been very busy tidying up, strimming, dragging, rolling, moving things around, together with some major DIY and looking after the animals and the garden as well as spending a day on Luna, yep she is still in progress.

I came to the conclusion that I have rather over stretched myself with the arrival of day old birds and hatchlings, the fun part is trying to juggle them around to accommodate everything and their particular needs at that time. Some of the hatchlings that are now seven weeks and four weeks have been moved to bigger pens outside. The ducklings have been moved to a stable where they have more room and I am waiting for the imminent arrival of six, day old goslings and twelve day old hubbards (meat birds), I also have quail hatchlings in the brooder, although they are so tiny they can remain there for a week or more yet.

We spent a day on the veg garden, planting hardened off veg plants and making room to harden off some more. I also picked the very first peas of the year, tender, juicy and sweet, I can at last offer some of the first veg of the year for sale in the little shed, 300g for £1 an absolute bargin. The egg sales are hard to keep up with, the minute they are put out there they are gone, the ducks typically have decided to ‘go slow’ and I am only getting four eggs a day instead of seven or eight but at least the hens and the quail are continuing to lay a reasonable amount. The new pol hens should start very soon which will be a welcome boost to the numbers.

The scarecrow, Gus is doing a great job, so much so that I have got two more, one in the duck pen, ducks are not too keen mind you, probably why they are not laying, and one on the garden for the time being. I have had to move Gus as the crows started to creep back, but as soon as he was moved they stopped again, I think a change of clothing will be the next thing or the addition of tools or a makeshift gun might do the trick.

Sunday was an incredibly productive day with both the eldest and youngest daughters on hand to help out. It turns out that the youngest has taken to driving the tractor like a duck to water, even hubby had to admit that she was very good indeed, high praise if you know hubby at all. We have pulled the other big chicken coop out of the back paddock and down to the yard for an overhaul, it needs a new roof but apart from that and a coat of creosote it is still very solid, I am hoping that my son in law will be able to help us put the new roof on, hubby’s carpentry skills are ok but I need this to last another few decades yet.

The weather is a bit up and down, one minute sunny and warm, the next clouded over and raining, it is also quite cold at times although I am hoping that the frosts are now behind us. Rosie is being lit in the evening if it’s cold enough, during the day if we light her and the sun comes out it’s a bit too warm so if we don’t light her and it’s cold in the day we just have to put on extra clothing!

I think I might have a go at elderflower champagne this year, I have done the cordial before which was lovely but as it’s my fiftieth this year I thought I would make something celebratory. It does not look difficult, I think the hardest part seems to be not letting it explode lol, luckily I have somewhere to keep it out of the way just in case 🙂

The photos are of everyone busying themselves moving the coop, you can see what a state it’s in, when we have done it up I will post the ‘after’ pics for comparison.




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