You have to laugh, don’t you?

Been busy doing the usual things over the last two weeks, plenty to do not enough time to fit it all in!

I thought this week I would tell you a little story cos you couldn’t write it if you tried, which was the first comment I made in this particular occasion. You will remember that my son in law has fixed up the chicken coop, hopefully there will be pictures of before and after if this app plays nicely today, well yesterday evening we moved it to the front paddock where it will stay for the next year at least. I got to drive the tractor with the coop attached to the back, of course I had instructions bellowed at me at all times during the operation despite the fact that I could barely hear over the noise of the engine! This then resulted in lots of hand waving in the form of useless signals from Hubby, eventually we got it into position and went indoors to relax until dusk. It is easier to move the birds when they have gone to roost, and we had forty of them to dust with lice powder one by one and move to the newly refurbished coop in the next paddock. The first one I picked up and dusted no problem, handed it to Hubby who duly let go of it, this is gonna be a long night, I am thinking by this time. Thirty nine more birds later and the job was done, it’s now pitch black and so no more can be done until morning.

The sun rises and so up we get to go and move the electric fencing from one paddock and position it around the coop in the new paddock, I am busy moving various objects, hubby informs me that one of the chickens didn’t get put away last night and was out, pick it up then I say looking straight at him, he stands looking around the paddock for the chicken, it’s right under your nose I say and he looks down at his feet where the chicken is teasing him. I know this because I catch them all the time, he bends down to pick it up and it takes off like road runner, eventually he catches it, someone else happens to be down at the farm watching this so I share the joke, you couldn’t write it if you tried to which she nods in agreement with a smirk to boot. It gets better, the next task hubby takes on is to pull up the electric fence ready to move, he goes over and grabs hold of it, a cry of pain is heard and I see him leap into the air, it’s on, I say, trying to stifle a belly laugh, remember you told me to leave it on last night to keep the fox away. He gets over that little bit of excitement and proceeds to gather up the fencing, now there is an easy way to do this so that it does not get tangled, and to my surprise he does it the easy way, I’m impressed, for a short while anyway. It’s all gathered nicely which means all the stakes are at one end and the netting is looped in turn, the loops are around two feet in length, meanwhile I am filling the feed section of the coop when I hear a profanity or two, I look round to find that as hubby is walking over with the fencing but he has got, not one, but both feet firmly entangled in the netting, WTF, and as I say, you could actually write this stuff.

I think I was pretty good, because not once did I laugh out loud, I offered the correct sympathies each time and turned my head away to grin like the Cheshire Cat. Somehow I don’t think he will offer to help do that again, even though I was very grateful and it was all his own doing not mine. And I am quite sure that this little nugget of our week was much more entertaining than letting you know how the peas are doing : D





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