Where did I put my motivation?

Today seems like a good day to blog after being absent for a while, we have had a long and glorious Summer and so no complaints in that department, however the Winter has arrived and there seems to be no let up in the downpours and the subsequent mud!

Not much is different since the last time I posted, the veg patch has given it’s last bounty and all that is left are a few winter crops. Time to begin preparing the beds for next spring, some of them have had a heavy layer of muck added, some have had a top up of compost and some are still waiting for their tlc. We have plenty of veg and fruit in the freezer to keep us going until the fresh produce is available again and as that is always the aim we have succeeded.

The ducks are enjoying the constant wet weather, but their pen is turning into a quagmire so preparations are under way to move them temporarily and dry the run out, dig the pond a little further away from their house so that we can round them up more easily at bedtime. At the moment it is a case of sliding around in circles which is getting quite tiresome.
One of the geese went down off its legs a couple of weeks ago, we bought it in and put it on antibiotics which have done the trick and it is now back outside happily wandering with the other four.

The chickens have been moulting and so we are not getting many eggs from them, I do feel under pressure to ensure there are enough out in the shed for sale but with the best will in the world I can’t make them lay all I can do is keep looking after them and feeding them until the egg numbers go back up. During the latter end of the Summer we discovered we had a thief pinching eggs from the shed this made me both sad and angry at the same time. Sad that someone would do that and angry because they think they can get away with it, we took the eggs in for a while to hopefully discourage them and potentially catch them out and it seems to have worked fingers crossed. It is disheartening because we don’t make much money on the egg sales, if you included my time cleaning them out and the items that keep them in good condition such as wormer, grit, garlic the profit probably wouldn’t even be there to be honest. You would then ask why bother? Sometimes I ask myself that especially when people also short change you or worse put foreign coins in, but on the whole I have a terrific bunch of customers that love coming to get their fresh eggs and in the Spring and Summer it also provides a customer base for the veg so that’s why I do it.
Then this mornings news that bird flu is back in the country put everything into jeopardy again, hopefully it’s an isolated case that can be contained quickly, I have to give a thought to the duck breeder who is having to cull 6000 ducks today, it will be a devastating day for him indeed.

Christmas is approaching fast and I do hope we get some cold weather with it, last year we didn’t get the cold snaps that we need to get rid of pests and diseases that affect the veg and fruit crops, then a wet cold Spring added to the difficulties, as a gardener I am always optimistic about the next year, hopefully it will be a good one. The Winter months are usually a time for making and baking but I have not quite got into that yet, I can’t find the motivation and no idea where I put it last πŸ˜‰
I have included a couple of photos that I have taken in the last few weeks, one of the sunrise which at this time of year can be very uplifting and one of All Hallow’s Eve, because it was so mild we decided to light the fire pit and sit out side for the evening something we don’t often get to do at that time of year, you have to make the most of things when you can πŸ™‚




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