Winter Blues

Well Blue Monday came and went, to be honest I can’t see what is so depressing about it, at least we are on the right side of the year for a return of Spring 🙂 We have plenty of signs that the circle of life is continuing, the bulbs are beginning to push their way through the frosty crust of earth, little tips of green peeping out are a good reminder that warmer days will come eventually. I have a shrub that we planted in the driveway last year, the name escapes me, but it has just started to flower, when I saw the little white blossom I literally broke out into a smile, the fragrance is strong too, which is why we decided to put it there, even if it’s not for long we should get wafts of perfume when walking by.

Today I spotted Fallow deer in the field behind us, about six of them in all, we tried to get a bit closer but their senses are sharp and we only got halfway across our paddock before their heads came up and they ran off, they will be back I am sure. We also have about five hen pheasants that have been coming for breakfast everyday in the goose paddock, they are eating the grain that the geese leave. It started off with just one and each day another would arrive and now it’s a party!

We have had a flutter of Snow, luckily it was only a layer, just enough to look pretty but not so much it causes a mess when it melts. On the morning of the snowfall it was still dark when I got up, I opened the door to look out and realised it was snowing, everything was totally still and quiet and you could nearly hear the shuffle of the snow when it hit the ground, it’s almost eerie.

I spent a morning doing a bit of baking, the result was a couple of fruit cakes, a lemon and lime drizzle cake, two bakewell puddings, a Brazil and cherry cake and a Victoria sandwhich, not a bad mornings work. My aim was to use up as much as I could from my baking cupboard, which I think I achieved. We are trying to make an effort to use up what we already have rather than buy something else, so as long as I have made cakes and puddings Hubby is not allowed to buy any when we go shopping. We are getting through some of the fruit and veg that was frozen last year, which is good because it won’t be long before we are picking again. The temptation to grab something quick off the shelf in the supermarket is great especially when you are busy and don’t have much time, but the reward of making and eating your own produce is much greater in my opinion and it tastes soo much better.

Hubby and my Stepdad have been busy concreting the feed room floor, up to that point all the feed bins were on pallets of various heights and sizes, some of the wood had broken and it was a bit of a hazard to say the least. Often the room would flood during heavy rainfall, but now we have a lovely level dry surface to walk on, a small thing but it makes all the difference to the start of the day if you can go about your business without twisting your ankle 😉

Bella, the kitten, fast becoming a small cat, has continued to settle in, and Diesel seems to be much more tolerant of her now, although he has not quite got to the stage where he will share milk with her, he does at least let her sit within a couple of feet of him and let her watch. Eventually they will become good friends and go off hunting together I am sure.

Mia’s puppies are growing super fast and all developing their own characters, they are five weeks old now and when I let them all out of the pen it’s pure carnage. They take up a fair bit of time through the day as Mia is only feeding them morning and before bed, the rest of the time, about three times a day, I let them out to eat hard feed, then there is a constant round of mopping up after them. As soon as I turn to clear up one lot another appears and they have now got to the age where, trying to grab the tissue as I clear up, is a great game. Then they need a little playtime, so they have carrots to chew on, cardboard tubes and empty plastic tubs to push around and a ball to figure out, who says you need fancy toys, after that comes the best bit, cuddle time, I am making the most of it while they are still here.

I made an attempt at looking through the seed catalogues last week, normally I am very keen to get my order in, that in turn makes me a bit too keen to get planting and inevitably the weather prevents this from happening so I end up disappointed, maybe I am learning finally not to be too hasty, or maybe I am just procrastinating, I haven’t made my mind up yet lol. Either way when I finally do get to start on the garden, I have ordered a fetching little number called a ‘facekini’ google it, that way you won’t be too afraid if you turn up a the farm and see me out in it, who knew something like that even existed, I am hoping it will mean I can spend longer outside in the sunshine, even if I frighten all the locals!

The CCTV is nearly operational, I say nearly because although I have managed to connect it all up to make sure it works, the only camera I have on is perched in the windowsill. I am still waiting for one or two things I need before locating them outside. I must say I am rather impressed with the quality of the picture both in the daytime and at night. It’s mostly for watching the wildlife around the farm, it will be interesting to see what is lurking, and if we manage to catch any two legged lurkers while we are at it then all the better 🙂




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