Cracking weather this weekend :) 

Early Spring and the weather was an absolute treat, the farm was a hive of activity, jobs such as dragging one of the fields and the ménage ment the tractor was in operation which was great fun. My aim at this time of year is to tidy up the front of the property ready for Easter, I don’t know why but it’s a goal I set myself. Armed with a hoe, an edge cutter, wheelbarrow and shovel I started by cutting back the edges of the driveway grass to a nice straight edge, it always looks like you have achieved a lot if the edges have been done for some reason. The tiny Tete a tete daffodils are just beginning to burst open in the pots and the larger daffs will follow quickly I am sure. Everything has tiny buds that will transform within a couple of weeks and we will be sure that Spring has arrived, the birds are beginning to gather twigs for nesting and the geese are getting more aggressive so we are definitely on the way 🙂 

Hubby has been busy building a fox proof pen for the point of lay hens and we have found and met a new supplier for both hens and feed, the feed is a £1 a bag cheaper than we buy it now and although that does not sound like much when you think we use 3/4 bags a week the saving soon adds up.

I purposely went out to take lots of photos this morning and hopefully they will upload ok, there is not much of interest in them really but I thought it would give the reader a better idea of how things are looking at the moment.

I have been doing a bit of tidying and repairs in the garden, the fruit cage needs a little bit of fixing, in the first year we used net, which worked well, but with the ravages of the Winter winds it soon began to break down and so in the second year I fixed wire around the bottom half. This year the top half is being wired as well and I have done most of that this morning, until my hands got too cold that is, the top will just about last another year I think, at least the birds will not be able to get through the tiny holes at any rate. 

The photos are of Patch who is doing well and will be a good farm dog I think, he is already quite obedient long may it last!

The new fox proof pen that Hubby is in the middle of building

The chickens, both the totally free range ones and the free range but behind an electric fence ones

The veg garden and greenhouse in readiness

A view of the paddocks with the horses in the distance thankful for a bit of grass at this time of year

Mia, who as always is waiting for someone to throw the ball

The geese and the ducks

As you can see it’s all still a bit dreary but at least the ground has dried up quite a bit making it easier to walk about. To get the field work done at this time of year you have be aware of the state of the ground and seize the window of opportunity, too soon and it’s too wet and you make more mess, to late and because we are on clay, it quickly becomes rock hard, luckily this weekend it was just the right time to get some of it done. Some of the paddocks are still too wet, they are lower lying and hopefully we will be able to get the timing right for those over the next couple of weeks 🙂 


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