Thought of the day…….

I wish it would warm up just a little bit, I am fed up of wearing my winter coat outside now, we have had a couple of warm days but in general it’s still cold.

Here is a round up of some of the things I have been doing

Cut back the old foliage from the two golden hops, it twists and turns as it grows and was hard to get off the canes they were on. There is a good article on brewing your own beer using hops in one of the magazines this month, I must put it on my have a go list which seems to get longer and not much ticked off! 

Pruned the gooseberry bushes, the idea is to open out the middle so that they are easier to harvest, but either way a good thick pair of gloves is a must because the thorns are vicious. 

Gave the Japanese Honeysuckle a small trim, the berries from this plant can be eaten and they taste a bit like figs, but they are small and quite squishy when ripe so I usually leave them for the birds to enjoy

Ordered heavy duty ground cover for the hop bed, made a mistake last year of using a lightweight one then putting bark on top, the cover ripped all over the place because of the wind and the chickens and now it’s a mess! 

Ordered a new net to catch roaming chickens and clip their wings before I start planting otherwise I will be pulling my hair out. 

Finished off weeding the poly tunnel and sweeping the path

Assessing what exactly needs doing and trying to implement a plan to achieve this lol

Started weeding, and now that won’t stop until the end of the year, shall have to make a daily slot early in the morning to do this otherwise leaving it too long will result in a major job to complete. 

Round up loose chickens which I have now achieved, I built a temporary pen to house them in until the growing season is well under way, typically though, just where I wanted to put a post there was a large slab of stone I had to get the heavy duty machinery out to break it up before I could get the post in, then lo and behold the second place I needed a post was also stone, that was a hard days work. 

I spotted a sparrow hawk eating a pigeon in the duck pen, at first I thought he had got one of the ducks but luckily for me and unluckily for the pigeon it wasn’t. On the same morning a herd of about 20 fallow deer spent the morning grazing and resting in the next field, they were there for a good couple of hours, a beautiful sight to see.

The new, yet to be tested, fox proof run is finished, just in time for the delivery of hens tomorrow, I do hope they enjoy the des res with a scratching area, roosting bars, a perspex roof so they don’t get wet, I may move in there myself πŸ˜‰ 

We have made it to the vernal equinox, had an eclipse and seen a supermoon all on the same day last week, still not much warmer though 😦  but on a brighter note there are splashes of bright yellow all around the place as the daffodils finally burst open, and the buds on the trees are emerging more and more each day, it won’t be long before England’s green and pleasant land returns.

The thought for the day occurred to me when I was asked ‘do I eat healthily’ I replied ‘yes’ but the more I gave it some thought the more I wondered, what is considered healthy? I said yes in an instant because, most of what we eat, we have grown ourselves, I also cook from scratch with ingredients I have to hand and although we do have some processed foods like biscuits or white bread on the whole we don’t eat much of it. I mulled over the question a few days later and reflected that the person questioning probably meant, do I live on salads, have no fats, eat only lean meat and fish deny myself sugar and caffeine, the answer is a categoric NO! I would still consider my diet to be healthy though, it’s not sprayed with any  pesticides, ( salad crops being the most highly sprayed crop of all)  fumigator, growth hormones or injected with antibiotic as routine, it’s a fresh as it possibly can be and cooked in conjunction with other fresh ingredients. What is a healthy diet, answers on a postcard please πŸ™‚ 


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