A picture paints a thousand words

They say, a picture paints a thousand words, that’s only true if the onlooker can interpret or has knowledge of what is being seen. I took photos this morning partly because I don’t have time to sit and write an amount today and partly to prove the above statement I made.

This one for example, just the inside of the greenhouse, you can see the plants coming on, what you don’t see are the many, many hours of work and care to even getting them to this stage. 

These two of blossom, one is pear, the other is apple, very pretty and the fragrance is wonderful, I also see a harvest, lots of blossom should result in lots of fruit IF the frosts are not too harsh and the birds don’t peck away at the buds as they form.   

Photos of the fences, the first which has been done, and the second waiting to be finished when there is time. The first shows a lovely scene of the country side, it does not show the time, effort and manual labour that went into it.


Pictures of the poly tunnel with over wintered veg and the veg plot as it stands now, again hours of work go into keeping the crops growing, and weeding to keep the ground clear so that valuable nutrients are not taken up by weeds but go to the plants that need them. 


A random picture of the dogs mooching around? No, the dogs either follow me around chucking a ball at my feet in the vain hope I will throw it for them, or, as in this case they pester the cat who has just dived under the caravan for cover.


Lovely early morning photo of the geese, well ganders actually, all of them. What that photo does not show is a whole year of nurturing them from day old, feeding, watering, mucking them out, looking after one of them when it was very poorly, and it certainly does not show my sheer disappointment in finding out they were all male one year on!   
The quail, all growing nicely, well not quite because of course it does not show the five that have died along the way and the struggle that some of them have in order to survive, even though they are fed well and looked after for some it is still an uphill battle.  
And last but not least, the beautiful Dicentra, or bleeding hearts, the photo speaks for itself, almost, what it does not say is that this is my favourite perennial flower of all time and that it makes me smile whenever I look at it 🙂  
So there you go, looking at pictures in all forms, as long as you look deep enough, can tell you so much more than you think. There is always an untold story behind the pictures, remember that when the media put up pictures designed to evoke a certain emotion, what is in that picture that you can’t see or haven’t been told. Have a lovely week, Hubby and I are off on a break leaving the farm in the capable hands of others, when we come back everything will look the same (hopefully) we won’t see the hiccups and problems they had while we were away, unless I look very closely that is! 


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