Just a quickie! 

Back from our break, could not see any signs of disaster and no one has said anything so I am guessing it all went well on the farm 🙂

Because of the rain, the weeds were astronomical, goodness knows how they grow that fast, it was rather overwhelming to be honest but on Sunday, three of us spent the best part of the day weeding and hoeing and I feel it is back under control for the time being. 

It’s just a quickie because I have plenty to do today, plant out broad beans that have hardened off and rearrange the greenhouse to harden of other plants and sow herb seeds such as basil and coriander. I also need to sort out the duck pen, we have too many drakes in there and it is unfair on the ladies they are suffering from too much attention. I am expecting a delivery of 60 point of lay hens sometime this morning so need to get everything ready for them, as well as all the daily jobs. I have done the washing from our holiday bit there is a pile of ironing calling me from a corner in the kitchen and inbetween that I am sure plenty of other things will crop up.

We are pretty sure that Bella the cat is pregnant and by my reckoning she is due in around 10 days time, I feel a bit irresponsible to be honest because we did not mean for that to happen. She is very young only around seven months and I have never seen another cat about apart from Desiel so I thought she would be ok for a while, I guess not! We will be booking her in as soon as he kittens are weaned off, Patch will also be going in to be done so the vet bill will be big 😦 

The carrots and beetroot seeds I sowed earlier in the year are struggling and growing erratically  I imagine it’s the cold weather that is making it difficult for them to get going. The potatoes and onions however are doing really well as are the fruit trees and bushes, they were laden with blossom and now have plenty of fruits forming. The apricot in particular has totally delighted me, I planted it four years ago, last year I had one apricot and this year there are loads 🙂 happy days and lots of apricot jam I hope. 

That’s it for today as I really do have to get on and do some work 🙂 hopefully the sun will shine a little more this week although we are in for a frost one morning though it shouldn’t be too harsh, well I hope not or it will burn a lot of the forming fruits which would be a bit of a disaster. 

Have a good week. 


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