In fine fettle! 

I have had a great week this week, the holiday did me good and I have come back in fine fettle 🙂 The brain fog seems to have lifted for the time being and I set to at the beginning of the week to find some female geese, move the drakes into a different pen, set daily tasks and achieve them, missions accomplished 🙂 #feeling smug.

I found some month old goslings in Cheltenham, they were off heat, green goslings, meaning they are eating grass and so no pellets required which is a cost effective bonus. We set off on Saturday lunchtime with the postcode typed in to a full battery phone, I set the navigation app to begin and noticed alarmingly just how much battery it was using before we even got to the Burford roundabout, I quickly decided that as we knew the way to Cheltenham I could turn it off until we reached the outskirts. When I turned it back on again lo and behold it could not find a connection, so there we are husband asking which way now, wife getting irate yelling, I don’t bloody know the sat nav is not working, eventually it picked up a signal and we were at least on the right road, almost! After a detour right through the shopping centre in Cheltenham and the battery waining away,  the position of the little red pin was getting closer, I was just hoping it lasted until we got there. We were now off the main roads and down to track, where is it asked hubby impatiently just as I spotted the sign on the right, at this point we were halfway past the entrance, hubby did a Sweeney like sharp right with dust rising all around and we had arrived just about in one piece ( Normally I would take a photo at this point but to be honest I have been out and had one soaking this morning and I am not going out for another 😉 ) It was lovely to meet the lady who had the goslings, she was extremely knowledgable about poultry in general and very enthusiastic about what she does, in fact just listening to what she packs into a week made me tired!

The point of lay hens arrived at the beginning of last week and are selling steadily, it is difficult to get hold of birds this year as demand is so high, these will last us a while but we can’t get the next lot until July, when I started selling you could ring up one week and have them delivered the next but not any more.

The broad beans I hardened off are now in the ground outside, I could have planted the seeds directly but I find they get eaten by mice or birds, the same with runner bean seeds and so now I always start them off in the greenhouse. There are plenty more plants to harden off over the coming weeks, sweet corn, squash plants, artichokes, and plenty of plants to move to the poly tunnel, melons, peppers, aubergines, and tomatoes, I think normally I would have done it by now but it seems unseasonally cool for May especially at night so they can wait a while and play catch up when it warms up.

We had a busy weekend, hubby finished off a bit of fencing he started before we went away, our farm sitters did a bit while we were away as well and it just needed a small section finished. No rest for the wicked and as soon as that was done I gave him the next job 🙂 the grass around the chicken paddock was getting long and compromising the electric fence efficiency, so all the stakes needed moving in , the grass needed cutting and then the stakes all moving back out again, easier said than done when the ground out there is brash but it was a lovely sunny evening and although it meant we ended up with cheese on toast for tea, it was a job well done.

On Sunday we had intended to move the chicken huts and rake the ground but I had spotted the goose grass taking over the lilac bushes by the front gate and so we changed track and decided to start clearing that area of weeds instead before they went to seed. We spent the best part of the day pulling up goose grass, thistles, and cow parsley. We had a coffee break when some friends arrived for a chat, they have bought a small holding in Suffolk, they have not done it before and they pretty much have a blank canvas of eight acres and were looking for tips and advice. There are a thousand things we could tell anyone who is starting out, mainly how many mistakes you will make regardless of how well prepared you think you are, they are really exicted and can’t wait to get started, I am exicted for them and we intend to go and visit them when they are up and running.

I don’t know where you are but it’s absolutely hammering down here at the moment so i intend to find indoor jobs for today!  Have a good week 🙂


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