Summer is coming, definitely, probably, well maybe. 

Summer is on it’s way apparently, it’s just been delayed, no shit Sherlock (my fave saying at the minute) May was, wetter than average, colder than average and had less sunshine than average, all in all a weak and infective month for growing anything including grass. Customers are asking, when will there be any veg? When the Sun pulls it’s finger out is what I am thinking when I am stood there, of course what I say is ‘it’s just been too cold and wet for anything to get established’ fingers crossed the fireball will make an appearance soon. 

This week, apart from standing in the plot and willing the veg to grow, I have weeded (they grow no matter what the weather is doing) , planted out a few more things in the vain hope they won’t get blown away by the wind or drowned in a torrential burst, or eaten by pigeons, and, well that’s it actually,  it’s a waiting game now.

The animals have been at the forefront of activity this week, the cat has had her kittens, but she has had them right up in the roof space which is double roofed so no chance of seeing how many or what colours at the moment, she disappears for the best part of the day so I can only hope she is looking after them properly as she is only young herself. I lost 17 quail in a massacre, from the CCTV it looks like something small has bitten a hole in the wire, although I can’t tell what, it’s probably stoat. I can see from the footage the quail are agitated for a couple of hours, then the dog must hear the goings on, pushed the gate open and finishes off any survivors, all this right under my bedroom window and I didn’t hear a thing, the wonders of double glazing 😦 

For the life of me, I can’t actually remember what else I have been doing this week, I know I gave the kitchen a deep clean one day but as for the other days it’s a mystery!

This morning I thought I had lost the goslings, I let them out and went off to feed the rest of the waiting menagerie thinking I will shut them in the paddock when I’m done. I left them out to pick at the weeds as they seem to like it better than grass, when I casually wandered up there with my coffee half an hour later there was no sign of them, but I did spot the Little Owl taking off from a fence post close by. The owl has been hunting in our back paddocks all weekend and I have seen it on numerous occasions, as there was no sign of the goslings in the back area at all I began to wonder if the owl had taken them one by one. I began a detailed search of the hedgerows and nearby paddock and field shelters, nothing, I looked all the way down the paddocks to the front near the road, nothing, I looked in all the nooks and crannies round the stable block area, nothing and I looked in the front drive, nothing, nowhere to be seen. So I set off and searched again, all areas covered, I resigned myself to the fact that they had gone, actually it was a little more than that because at this point, with the quail episode, the Guinea fowl disappearing, the veg not growing and ending up with five ganders this year, I just about decided to throw in the towel and give up :0 I made a coffee, went outside to drink it and right In front of me in the side paddock were six little goslings happily munching away on the grass, as I was looking for them they must have just been out of sight somewhere. I could tell by the way they quickly waddled back to the paddock, with me behind them, that they knew they were in trouble, nervous breakdown averted I went in to make more coffee 😉 

Pintrest is one of my favourite apps at the minute, besides Candy Crush of course, and I have been busy pinning all kinds of things from recipies I hope to be able to use, to ideas of how I want a seating area in the garden to turn out I am fairly certain the recipes will be used long before the ideas get put into practice. At the minute I am collecting strawberry recipies for the vast haul I am sure I will get this year, hmmmmm, actually despite the under achieving weather I have spotted the first red fruit in the patch, I will have to taste it later and see if it will be a vintage year for jam. I may or may not have told you and if I haven’t here comes the confession, but strawberries are the one thing I do not sell at the gate, it’s my favourite crop and I indulge myself by keeping them all for me, well not just me, sometimes I let the family have some 😉 most of them go into jam making, if the crop is good some of them get frozen for use in the winter as a splash of colour and the rest get used in old favourites like strawberry torte or strawberries and cream, and some for new, yet to become favourites, from Pintrest 🙂 

Have a good week x


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