Too busy, too tired, can’t be arsed! 

Sorry, for anyone who likes the farm updates, I have either been too busy, too tired or can’t be arsed to blog! However, it has been at the back of my mind the whole time, and as I have stopped for coffee this morning I thought now was a good time.

As you can imagine lots of things have been happening especially in the veg garden, well the fruit garden to be precise. I have spent countless hours picking and prepping Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackcurrants, the jam store is chocka block and on one particular day all I did for around eight hours was make jam until I was sick of the sight of it. 

I have just started picking broad beans, runners, courgettes and patty pan, any gluts will be for sale in the little shed. I need to freeze a fair amount to last the Winter months but first I need to sort out the freezers, you know how it is when stuff just gets shoved in on top of other stuff, you have no idea what is actually in there and end up just grabbing what you can see if front of you, replacing the space with more stuff. In the big freezers I have plastic sacks to organise the bottom half but at the minute it is all in the baskets on the top! 

We finally managed to a) see the kittens and b) get them down from the roof space. We had seen three and so that’s how many we got down, then heard another crying so there were four all together. We put them in the stable and left a space over the door for Mum to get out, the next day they were gone! She was not happy with the other cat, Desiel, hanging around and had moved them, we located them in the hay barn and returned them to the stable making sure that this time there was a barricade and she has been ok with that ever since. They will be ready for new homes soon, two have already been reserved but there are still two to re home if anyone is interested. 

We have lost a few birds, as it stands is 2-2 to the fox and the dog! The fox came marauding one evening and had a gosling that had got out of the paddock, then a couple of nights later he had a cockerel. The dog has had his two in the last week, both of them were ones that sleep up in the trees, they came down early on different days and went into the front compound where the dog patrols at night, his kennel now looks like a feathered nest and we are down a cockerel and a hen 😔

The hens that were sat on eggs finally hatched them out, one had 10 which are still going strong the other had 2 one of which has since died for no particular reason. The one with ten was in a stable but eventually became so ferocious every time I went in that I have put her outside in the orchard, she is still a bit feisty at times but a lot better than she was, good job I always wear my wellies or I would have battle scars on my legs 😛

Hubby, in between all the other jobs, is busy converting the field shelter into a hen house, it will be much easier to clean out than the old huts, much as I love them, they are around 100 years old and although still fit for purpose, I am not and can’t crawl around inside anymore. Over the last three months I have had some Duke of Edinburgh volunteers once a week to clean them out which has been a tremendous help, but now they have finished I need to make life a bit easier for myself and standing up to clean them out will go a long way to saving my aching bones. 

Patch, the puppy that we ended up keeping has grown as you would expect, he is taller than either his mum or dad and he likes to play with a football, or sleep, typical boy child, he is lovely natured though and not full on like a typical collie so the two of them are a nice mix as Mia is very typically collie, full on and obsessed with chasing the ball. In the picture you can see that she is looking down, not an accidental, oh I didn’t get her looking up, she is focused on the scrappiest bit of left over toy and waiting for me to throw it! 



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