Back to normal……ish

So I have just sat and typed practically the whole blog when I touched the wrong thing and whoosh it disappeared, second time lucky hopefully! 

Hubby has returned to work after his two weeks working on the farm, and I have to say he has worked very hard indeed, he would be able to tell you exactly what he has done but as ever once it’s done I can’t remember what it was that needed doing. I do know that we now have some lovely new doors on the feed room, the skip is full to the brim, the wood shed is well stocked for Winter, the orchard is clear of weeds and debris and the longest fence on the farm has been replaced πŸ˜ƒ By his own admission it was harder than going to work lol, I shall miss not having him around every day but I will not miss the endless cups of tea I had to make 😜

Luckily the tractor was fixed just before Hubby’s time off began because we have used it to do pretty much every bit of heavy lifting work there was and even though the repair bill made us wince it was well worth it. 

We didn’t get everything done and he could do with another two weeks but we made great progress. I did help him quite a bit but I still had my regular jobs to carry on with as well, mostly picking and processing. Autumn seems to be arriving early, the apples plums and nuts are already ripening which is adding to the work load, I spotted Cyril the Squirrel out and about on the farm so I know it’s time to collect nuts and the apples are falling from the trees already so it time to start picking those. On Friday I looked at the plum trees and they were starting to ripen so we spent an hour or two picking them then on Saturday we graded them and I made some jam, put some in the freezer, some out for sale and made a few crumbles with the rest. That was just the Victoria plums, the greengage so are next to be picked if the rain holds off and the damsons will be last.

I have also picked endless amounts of beans, squash and cucumbers which are selling very well from the little shed. I harvested the second early potatoes some of which were massive, they have all now been checked and those that won’t spoil have been bagged up for storing, those with holes (it never ceases to amaze me that no matter where you plunge the fork in, it always hits a potato) will be used up first. 

The cat, Bella, finally got the all clear from the vet and Patch did very well after his operation, he was no trouble at all. We have accquired some Guniea Fowl, they belonged to my neighbour down the lane and one day I could see the traffic backing up in the lane, someone came to tell me that my Guniea Fowl were causing a traffic jam, I told them that they belonged to lady down the road and at I would ring her and let her know, two days later we came home to find that they were in our front paddock trying to get in with the chickens, the husband came over and said he was fed up with them getting out and we could keep them if we wanted so we let them in with the chickens where they have been happily living for the past week! They are just about the ugliest bird I have ever seen and very noisy screeching at the pigeons sitting on the fence but also amusing, I think they think they think they are chickens. 

At this point I am going to save the draft just in case! 

Phew I managed to find it again 😝

The glacΓ© cherries I began a few weeks ago are now finished although I don’t think I would go to the effort again, it was a long process for little return, however as they are so precious they will be going into the Christmas mincemeat that I need to start thinking about making. I do love this time of year, just like the squirrel I begin to gather up and store goods for the coming months, all the usual veg and fruit produce for the freezer and then the dried goods such as garlic, onions, potatoes but also things like making plenty of stock from bones ready for winter stews and soups, drying herbs and one weird thing that I do which is powdered mushrooms. Hubby can’t digest mushrooms (there is a whole story of years of pain finally resulting in surgery) but he can tolerate the powder so I buy a couple of large punnets and dry them in the dehumidifier then wiz them in the blender and voila mushroom powder to add to stews for flavour. It occurred to me that you could do this with almost anything, a sneaky trick for getting past fussy eaters I reckon so I may try some other things like Aubegines or peppers absolutely anything really that will dry out well could be powdered and they will never know πŸ˜‰

The photos this week are of Hubby,s fence, I couldn’t leave that out, a before and after shot, the potato harvest, plaits of garlic, the glacΓ© cherries and other produce.

Have a great week πŸ˜„



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