Living the dream! 

The dream was long lazy sunny days with a table laden with home grown and cooked food, a bit like the Dolmio advert where the whole family is busy organising the table for a lesuirly supper in the evening warmth. The reality is that I have already got a soaking three times this week and it’s only Tuesday! Not to be deterred I have decided to sing in the rain, that little plan will probably only last as long as the rain is warmish rain, as soon as it comes with cold wind I think my resolve will disappear 😝

I can’t complain at the weather really as we have had some good spells of dry sunshine, and it is Autumn after all so we are on the slippery slope towards Winter. The vegetables are in the last throws of producing, one great result this year is that the bean wigwams are still standing, normally they have caved under the weight and with the added help of strong winds are usually on the floor by now. At the weekend I picked everything there was and stacked The Little Shed full of beans, beetroot, garlic, artichoke, courgettes, cucumbers and tomatoes as well as the first few butternut squash. I have already decided I need a bigger shed next year as it gets a bit packed in there especially with the rhubarb when it’s in full production, I will have to call it, The Bit Bigger, Little Shed lol

There is plenty to do in the veg garden in the form of tidying up, no doubt this bout of rain will put an end to the patty pan, they will be full of mildew if they don’t get chance to dry out so they will need to be dug up as will everything else that has finished. I dug up the main crop potatoes last week and managed to dry off the skins outside before bringing them in and put them in sacks, we have approx 7 sacks of spuds, should keep us going through to next year. We now have a freezer full of fruit, veg, sacks of potatoes, strings of onions and garlic, plenty to keep us going all winter. I have been trying to use up stuff in the freezers on a daily basis, rather than buy anything and so we have had some random meals, I really need to label everything properly as one lot of frozen gravy, soup or stew looks very much like another and it’s pot luck as to what flavour is defrosted.

Bella, the cat, has gone missing, she disappeared last Tuesday evening and we have not seen her since, I have walked up and down the lane to make sure has not been hit by a car, I have asked neighbours to keep an eye out and got in touch with the farrier to make sure she didn’t get into his van and jump out at his next appointment but there is no sign of her at all 😕

Mia and Patch have gone next door today to Muddy Mutts to have a good bath and a hair cut, Patch doesn’t really need a cut but he is going for a shampoo and a bit of socialising, Mia on the other hand is longer haired and I had to give her a rinse before taking her this morning as she was already filthy. I have put clean bedding down for when they return but with this rain it won’t stay clean very long, they love running around in the wet getting as dirty as possible but are no so keen on the bath at the end of the day. The chickens and horses are hating the rain, the ducks and geese on the other hand are loving it, you can please some of the ‘people’ some of the time but not all of them all of the time 😉

We have been lighting the Rayburn every afternoon about 3pm although as Sod’s law goes the sun usually appears just as it gets going, it’s hit and miss at the minute, sometimes it’s chilly outside and inside its cosy but sometimes the temps are higher outside and it gets a bit stuffy inside, nevertheless it is now part of the daily routine and besides its free wood therefore free heat and hot water and that is most satisfying 😁

I took a few photos on the farm last week and thought they would look great in black and white, even the bright orange flames of the fire look pretty good, the only thing that does not show up very well is the steam rising from the muck heap, we really must tap into that energy one of these  days even if it’s only to heat water for washing out feed bowls or something.

Have a great week 🌻



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