It’s broken 😟

Of course I am talking about the weather! We can’t complain really we have had the most glorious few weeks of early Autumn sunshine and reasonable temperatures but it looks like that has come to an end and we would be lucky to get that back again anytime soon. 

So with the sun beaming down every day I have been very busy tidying up the vegetable plot, cutting grass, cleaning out pens and so on. I went away for a short stay to a Spa hotel with my daughters as a birthday treat for one of them which was fabulous, when I came home I had a renewed vigour for work. Unfortunately I wore myself out and by this weekend I was down to pottering to conserve energy, that’s the Lupus, it’s best not to go flat out at anything but with the weather on my side I couldn’t help myself lol. 

The cat has still not returned and so I imagine she has been hit by a car which leaves Desiel on his own, not that he seems to mind, I did contemplate getting another yard cat but I think I will leave it for the time being and see if Desiel manages to keep the mouse population down by himself. I say mouse population but in actual fact we don’t have many, every time we clear an area I expect to see something small a furry thing shoot out or the remains of a nest but it’s never there, I assume he is very good at his job πŸ˜ƒ

I had what I considered ‘the perfect moment’ the other morning, I had been clearing the potato patch and burning the tops and any weeds, I sat down on the bench to drink my coffee, the morning sun was shining, the smoke from the bonfire was wafting gently, as I looked up across the field through a gap in the hedge I could see the local herd of deer grazing on the stubble, that’s just perfect,  I thought to myself I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than right here, right now, lucky me πŸ˜€

I picked the last of the patty pan squash, there were small ones still on there but they were not going to get any bigger so they went to feed the chickens, then I pulled up the plants which over the summer had got huge, there are still courgettes forming so have left those for the time being, butternut squash are the next lot to be harvested although they are quite small this year they will still have enough on them to be useful. I had a customer ask me if the butternut squash were imported as her daughter had told her that you can’t grow squash in this country! Of course it delighted me to inform her that everything for sale in the little shed is grown right here on the farm and that squash are easily grown here. I thought people were more clued up these days about the food they eat but obviously there are still folks out there who are not and educating people about where their food comes from and how it it grown is part of what I try to do. At this point there is a whole essay forming in my mind about, fresh, local, seasonal produce, food miles, chemicals and how supermarkets are massive buildings of brainwashing, but I am not going to to go there today, I will save it for another time, maybe even a different blog site entirely, this one is for the lighter side of farm life 😜

It is as we move through these next two seasons that all our hard work will seem worth it, plenty of wood cut up to keep us warm on the cold days, and plenty of produce in the freezers for making fruit pies and crumbles, slow cooked stews and soups. As yesterday was a foggy cold start I thought I would cook a roast, I don’t bother in the summer as I am usually too busy, as always, I sent a group text to the children and their other halves to see who wanted one, the replies came in like quick fire, yes, yes, yes, faster than they ever reply to anything else 😜 and so the evening was spent with everyone round the table tucking into a Sunday roast, a great end to a great week. 

Here’s hoping you have a great week πŸ‚


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