Hubby + Mud + Rain = Mess

Hubby unexpectedly had a week off last week after finishing a job early, that’s great I thought we can get a few more jobs finished. I should have known better if I thought we could finish off the jobs already started instead he decides to investigate  the blockage in the drainage tube that runs under the hard standing and is supposed to run out onto the veg garden. Now this would have been fine as we had purchased two 5000ltr water tanks back in the summer and they needed installing  in roughly the same area, the problem was that he chose the worst two days of weather in goodness knows how many dry weeks to do it. He dug up the pipe which was under around two foot of mud and disconnected the existing tanks to use elsewhere, so that meant, as it practically rained non stop for 48 hours, hundreds of litres of rain coming off the roof straight into the mud mound he had made! Not to be deterred he carried on working out in it and eventually I heard a whoop of joy when a tennis ball came floating out,  of course all that tramping around was making the whole area muddier and muddier, I think he just likes to make a mess and that’s fine but when I get called out there to help lift the tanks into place I am not best pleased at working in the rain slipping around and trying to grab hold of a cylindrical tank with no obvious grip holds when it is soaking wet ๐Ÿ˜œ a real ‘good life’ moment if it had been filmed.

Having said that when the tanks are all in place we will be able to save nearly 8000ltrs of rain water and that has got to be worth the effort. Not only that but I am told there will be a pump fitted so that I can water the veg garden in next to no time so brownie points for Hubby. I just wonder why he didn’t pick a dry day๐Ÿ˜ฌ

He spent the rest of his week off, cutting up wood and altering gateways and fencing, because we are on clay seams in places, the posts move a lot during Winter months and the gate to the jump paddock in particular was  practically non openable because of the post listing. In the same area we a have a bit of rough ground that we have now incorporated into the goose paddock with new fencing and gates  and it’s all looking very tidy.While I was explaining exactly what I wanted with the fence and gates I had Pygmy goats in mind lol, I think if I mention it often enough he will come round to the idea ๐Ÿ˜‹

Meanwhile apart from having to make endless cups of tea and coffee, I have been busy trying to get the veg plot up together, I had hoped for a little help but Hubby keeps finding other jobs that ‘need doing before winter’ well that’s true so I set about the jobs by myself. I have cleared bed after bed of exhausted veg plants, asparagus , beans, potato tops, squash, I have cleared out tomato and pepper plants, cucumber, melon etc from the poly tunnels and given them a wash down. I cleared the fruit cage of wanton raspberry runners (potted some up) and weeds and tided up the canes that will bear fruit next year and I have lump hammered wobbly posts back into the ground, despite the ‘lump’ bit keep falling off the broken handle! The compost heap now looks like a green mountain and is about six foot high, it will shrink down over the next few months once the weather has worked on it, I will probably give it a helping hand in a couple of weeks time by treading on it to compact it and agitate it to start working. Having done all that there is still more to do, two more beds need weeding and all the dead stuff cut away, hops to be precise, they grow like weeds and have suffocated the patio fruit trees this year so I may have to think about relocating them. The rest of the carrots need pulling up and processing for the freezer, I have tried storing them in previous years but to be honest freezing is the better option just a little more time consuming. Normally I would then think about overwintering veg but I am considering giving myself the Winter off this year and just start early next year. I usually do brassicas over winter because they don’t get decimated by caterpillars but then I end up with cauliflowers all at once and I don’t like them frozen they have an odd taste, the other veg I do are broad beans and peas, garlic and onions but I have enough from this year to see me through so I think I will leave the ground fallow for a change. 

We have discovered the beginnings of the the dreaded red mite in the new chicken hut, dam and blast it ๐Ÿ˜– so this week after the feed round in the morning and before I set to on the garden I have been trying to creosote the nest boxes in rotation doing four of them each morning, there are sixteen altogether. Trying to block them off so the hens don’t go in them is a challenge but I am winning and have four left to do tomorrow, it won’t get rid of them all but it will knock the numbers back considerably and hopefully the rest of the little b******s will freeze to death in the winter ๐Ÿ˜œ

This morning I have had to catch hold of a poorly duck, at first I thought it had a broken leg as it was dragging it behind but when I looked it over it was bearing weight on it and I couldn’t detect any sign of a break or dislocation. It is sat in the quiet of the stable until I go out and investigate further. The ducks, like the chickens have been moulting and this one is also having trouble with its new pin feathers coming through, sometimes they can cause bleeding at the point of exit through the skin, it’s not having a good day so some TLC is in order and we will see if it gets better or not. 

There has been a definite nip in the air the last two mornings, I am not sure if we had a frost or not this morning, an extra layer was needed as well as gloves and a hat, and the late afternoon temps seem to plummet quickly. Since she came back into action we have been lighting the Rayburn around 3pm and letting it go out over night but I don’t think it will be long before she is running constantly. 

Whatever you are doing this week, have a good one ๐Ÿ”


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