Don’t forget to grease your nipples! ðŸ˜

My Dad came over from Wales to stay for a week last week and so apart from the basics of feeding, watering, egg collecting etc, I didn’t get much else done including blogging as we spent a great deal of time chattering and making tea for visitors who had not seen him for a while.

Dad used to live here before we bought the place so was very familiar with everything, the sad thing is that he has got a bit too old to do anything now but he did go around oiling and sharpening tools because they hadn’t been done. On Friday afternoon Hubby went to get the tractor out to move the muck heap but on starting it there was a noise that did not sound good! Dad was in his element, it seems that the fan was hitting the casing this was caused by the engine having moved on its mounting, Hubby is very good at a multitude of tasks but machinery is not one of them. If it had been left entirely to Hubby he would have just bent the fan so that it no longer hit and not bothered to find out why it had moved, luckily Dad was here and pointed out that the engine was loose! When I took out a cup of tea to them I found them both up to their elbows in greasy, dirtyness and big grins, they were having a great time. In time honoured practice a ‘temporary repair’ was made using bale string and a spanner as a tourniquet to hold the engine in the correct position, I must add that the bolts were tightened as well but it appears that the bushes have worn? While the tractor was out I had a lesson in tractor maintenance from Dad, honestly with just Hubby and I looking after  the tractor it’s like the blind leading the blind. Although I can look after and service my lawn mower, even sharpen the blades, a tractor is a whole new ball game. We found an old grease gun left behind when dad moved, and I had a lesson on using it to grease the nipples, who knew there were even such things on a tractor lol, not me that’s for sure. 

The next thing we learnt was that the small covered area was built to house the horse box (we usually keep the tractor there) our box had been parked round the back of the stables and tarpaulined up for the Winter but someone wanted to borrow it one evening last week and after trying to push it out in the dark we decided to park it in the intended spot, it could then be towed straight out and back in again, easy, Why hadn’t we thought of it before? However our box was a little too tall, literally 2″ too tall, so Hubby got the pick axe and set about digging out two ruts for the wheels to go in. I found the whole scenario quite amusing, you know how it is ladies, your trying to do something and the other half is always giving instructions on how he thinks it should be done, a bit straighter, quicker, higher, lower, whatever the task there is always a comment, well in this instance Hubby had a taste of his own medicine as Dad was giving instructions on straightening up a bit or needs to be deeper or too deep or too close to the uprights. I could tell by his face he was irritated but too polite to say anything, I stood watching with my tea in my hand giving him a ‘now you know how I feel’ smirk. 

Needless to say as I didn’t get much done last week I have a fair bit to catch up on, this morning as well as the usual jobs, I have deep cleaned the duck houses and the quail house, cleaned out the goose hut, wormed and fleaed the dogs and cat, bought the horses in to clean off the mud from their feet, raked up fallen apples from the front drive and captured an escaped Guniea Fowl! Just got time to write this, have a spot of lunch and then it will be time to light the Rayburn, feed the animals, collect the eggs and cook the dinner!

Dads parting words to Hubby were “don’t forget to get those bushes sorted, it’s only a temporary repair”, we will see how long it stays like that or if anyone knows a good tractor mechanic send them our way 😜

Have a great week and enjoy bonfire night 💥


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