Waste not, want not.

Hands up if you have been watching Hugh’s programme about waste food that is still perfectly edible, I have and frankly I am appalled! I am aware food is wasted both by the supermarkets and in homes but the scale has flabbergasted me. All of us have busy lives and it’s easy to slip into that kind of behaviour but we need to make a concerted effort to use up what we buy instead of throwing it away.

With that in mind today’s dinner is made up of yesterday’s lamb bones, a sweet potato that was in danger of drying up, tomatoes that have been in the fridge for a couple of weeks, some bits of veg (and the stalks) and some Oca which is a new veg that I have just harvested. I also scraped up the meat juices that have solidified in the roasting pan, it smells great and makes me feel good for using everything up. 

Going back to the new vegetable I trialed this year, Oca is a tuber from the Wood Sorrel family and is highly nutritious, vitamin c, iron, zinc and vitamin B to name a few of the beneficial components, it can be boiled, fried, stir fried, roasted or eaten raw a good all rounder. The type I grew are a golden colour but they also come with a pink tinge, the young leaves and shoots can be eaten early on as well if you prefer. As yet I have only put them in today’s soup but I will be experimenting with them over the next few weeks.


When Dad went home last week I sent him off with some pig trotters that I had in the freezer, I’ve never tried them and they don’t really appeal to me and I usually give them to the dogs but I know he loves them and so I had a phone call in the week to say he had cooked them and they were delicious lol. He was also amazed that you can find just about anything at the touch of a button on the Internet and after a conversation about a bread my Nan used to make we found the recipe, it’s called Stottie Cake although it is a bread. When he was a boy they used to eat it warm with treacle and he phoned the following day to say that he had made some and that it was just as good as his boyhood memory, I have not had a go yet but I think I will, there are numerous recipes on google and we went for a more authentic version without olive oil as I doubt they had it back then! 

The farm in general is ticking along as usual although a lot muddier now, I just have to remember that it’s not forever in fact I will be looking forward to frozen mornings although they bring their own problems such as frozen water buckets and frozen finger tips. I have noticed rat holes under the chicken house and so have put down bait to knock those on the head quickly, I have not seen any all summer and so they must have moved residence to be nearer to an easy food source i.e chicken feed. The last of the veg have been harvested, artichoke and the oca and apart from windfall apples that’s this years crop done, next month it will be time to work out the crop rotation for next Spring and think about what I want to grow. Next year will be a busy one as I will have not one but two grandchildren, one due in five weeks and  our eldest daughter and her partner are also expecting a baby in April, just think how many hands I will have to help when they get older šŸ˜ I hope they find the farm a wonderful place to visit and grow up around and that when they are in their seventies like Dad they too have memories of freshly baked bread and cakes as well as muddy wellies and mucky hands. 

Have a fabulous week and don’t forget to use everything up, it’s great soup weather šŸ²


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