Eggs, eggs, wherefore art thou?Β 

Good morning πŸ˜ƒ the sun is shinning beautifully this morning which is cheery although the downside is that I can see how much my windows need cleaning 😜 We have been luckier than our Northern neighbours with the weather and my heartfelt wishes go out to those who have lost livestock in the floods this week.

The strong winds have continued to dry up the ground which is very welcome and given me an entertaining moment one blustery morning when letting out the geese. Normally when I let them out they have a little run and stretch their wings and I don’t know who was more surprised me or the one of the geese when she suddenly became airbourne and went up about eight foot lol. 

The guniea fowl that arrived by them selves decided to leave by themselves just like that, I went out to feed one afternoon and they had gone, I did think I had heard them in the back field that day but it didn’t really register until I went out later and there was no sign of them. Something has killed two of the quail, something small enough to get through a 1/2 inch square wire so I am guessing stoat or weasel, luckily two others were hidden in the house and I have now moved them to a place of safety indoors. 

Hubby finished work early on Friday and so I took the opportunity to get the apple tree in the front drive pruned. It was last done two years ago and so needed about a third taken out, it was a bit windy and at times drizzly but we persevered. The result is not quite as I would have liked as far as shape is concerned but it’s quite difficult giving instruction to someone up a tree but it’s not bad. 

This week I have also got on with bottling the Christmas presents, sloe gin and rumtopf, the latter tastes amazing and I am glad there was enough left for us to drink at Christmas. I didn’t throw the sloes away, I have reused them in a whisky infusion for sloe whisky next year, I think I will do an apple brandy as well, a good duo I think. 

The egg situation has not picked up yet and the chooks are just about coming to the end of their moult now, I have mixed together all the powdered spices I ordered and they had their first batch last night which went down very well. They have aniseed, fenugreek, ginger and turmeric, I coat some wholewheat in oil then put a spoonful of powder in and that sticks to the oil. I hope egg numbers will improve soon as the amount of customers far outweighs the amount of eggs at the moment, already this morning five cars had driven up before 8.30! We have become very popular over the last year however I am reluctant to increase the number of birds as it would take us to the next level of regulations which would enevitably increase costs, besides it was never part of the plan to become an ‘egg station’. 

The photos are before and after, plus Hubby up the tree lol and the Christmas tipple bottles.    
Have a great week πŸ“ 🍏


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