I’ve tried, I really have tried. 

You know what, this week I was gonna write an informative piece about the rain and the leaching in the soil and what I am planning to do to correct that, in fact I had it all typed up BUT I just can’t hold it in anymore, I have to moan. I have tried really hard not to do that this Winter, after all lots of people have far bigger mountains to climb and my mud is trivial, however, mud and rain and the chaos it causes  is my mountain! I am so pissed off trudging and slipping around in what can only be described as slurry, that’s animal shit on top of wet mud, I am trying, I really am, to face each day with a smile,  but inside I am thinking, when will all this be over. Every night I watch the weather forecast and pray for minus figures but no, just more rain is forecast, I know there are people far worse off with flooding but it doesn’t make the daily tasks any easier here, and right on cue as I write this, more rain is coming down, it’s exasperating. 

Some people have the good fortune to fall in shit and come up smelling of roses, I have never been one of those people, nope, I just stink of shit and look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards! I try, I really try, Christmas Day I got all dressed up to go out to dinner, to get to the car you have to open the gate, the wooden gate that has been rained on for weeks now, it’s covered in an inconspicuous green slime, at this point it is now all over my hands and I have no where to wipe it off, why did I bother? That’s why most times, I don’t bother, you will never see me all nicely dressed with a full face of makeup around the farm, more likely I am splattered in slurry from head to toe. 

I don’t just feel sorry for myself mind you, I feel sorry for the birds, well chickens in particular, it was all going so well up to the beginning of December, I had transferred them to nice grass, that is just a big slurry pit now, I do have the other half that is green but I am trying to save it for when the weather turns so that they at least have good pasture to move to.  I am having to use it to turn the horse out now and again but I can’t put him out for long as it is so soft under foot it would be wrecked in no time at all. The liveries have had to move to spring paddocks already because the horses keep losing shoes in the suction of the mud, that means that come spring none of the paddocks will be in a good state, it’s a sorry state of affairs to be sure. 

The Ducks of course love it, they don’t care how muddy they get wallowing around in it, the more it rains, the more they wallow, the muddier it gets, the geese don’t care either BUT I DO. It’s like trying to get up the stairs when you are three and a half sheets to the wind and some bastard has greased your shoes! I just hope there is a change of weather on the horizon, I don’t care which, frozen ground or warmer to dry up the ground but it really can’t come soon enough as far as I am concerned. In the mean time of course I will just keep on doing what I am doing, trudging, slipping, sliding and getting splattered, hanging on to side rails to try and get some traction and despairing each time I go out there. 

When I come in I spend my time planning for better times, and how to sort the leaching problem on the veg patch, that’s if there is any soil left after all this, fingers crossed we don’t have a wet Spring as well or we are doomed, doomed I tell you 😜


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