Planning, ordering, making lists, I might even get some actual work done πŸ˜€

I kinda like this time of year, making lists, planning and ordering, it’s the calm before the storm in terms of workload.

The lists include things that didn’t get done last year and are transferred to this year in the hopes that they may get completed! Planning is nearly always undone by weather or circumstance, but it still needs to be done, and ordering of course is most women’s delight even if it is a combination of planks of wood and plants lol. 

Most of my seeds I ordered on Black Friday would you believe and got them half price (chuffed😁) but I also need to replace or replenish some plants, one of the blueberry bushes died and so needed replacing, in the end I ordered three to cover the whole season. The same  with the strawberries, they are four years old now and need replacing, so I ordered enough to cover the season instead of just the month of June, hopefully it won’t be a manic picking session every morning, I can take my time over a longer period. 

I ordered my seed potatoes and left it a bit late as the variety I wanted was sold out already! This year I decided to go for more earlies and less main crop as we harvested a large crop of late potatoes and I don’t think we are going to get through them all before the new season starts again. People tend to buy the new potatoes but not the older ones for storing so that’s the logic behind my thinking. I also ordered a couple of novelty items like black radish and endamme (soya) beans to see how they go. Although last years ‘trials’ were not so good, the cucamelon were a waste of time, the oca need a bit of getting used too as far as customers are concerned! 

I am going to have another go at sweet potato, the only time I have done them they didn’t amount to anything so a bit more research is in order and hopefully we will be more successful this year.

The planning isn’t just confined to the veg garden, I have been sourcing and ordering some new Quail which we will be picking up next weekend and I need some more laying ducks, I am on the case but the nearest I can find with what I want is in Bath, however a nice little trip out in the countryside would not be a bad thing. We intend to replace our laying flock of chickens but timming is key as we do not want to run out of eggs, although they are not laying very many at the minute anyway. The older ladies will be sold off very cheaply to make way for the younger, hopefully more prolific hens 😜

I am hopeful that the geese will lay this spring otherwise they will be heading for the freezer, I can’t keep feeding livestock that is not giving me any return, I have told them but whether they listened or not is another matter πŸ˜‹

The fluctuating weather takes a bit of keeping up with, downpours, wind, frozen ground, you never know what the next day will bring but it’s all heading towards spring so I am not complaining. I took some photos around the farm when it was frozen, it’s always quite beautiful on those days 

Our straw and hay supplier has run out of both already this year and so I have had to ring round to find another supply. That’s the first time in six years he has actually run out completely, some of his fields were too wet last year to harvest and so he had to plough it back in creating a bit of a shortfall. I realise how spoilt we are with him as he will deliver at short notice and now I have to be on top of things and plan ahead.

From this week onwards I have committed myself to trying to get something achieved in the veg garden everyday, so far, so good (I know it’s only Tuesday) but yesterday I cut back the herbs, and did the hoeing on that whole bed including the asparagus and rhubarb areas, and today I have hoed the bed next to it, counted up how many new boards I need to replace the rotten ones and planted some broad bean seeds to bring on and plant in the poly tunnel, I’m on a roll 😝

I have given Hubby the job of planning and building the outdoor rabbit enclosure for the five rabbits we have, at the minute they are in the chicken pen but we will need that soon for the new chooks. The rabbits won’t be making us money except for the odd litter we might sell but they are lovely to have around and you do need something just for enjoyment purposes, well that’s my excuse anyway! 

Have a fab week β˜”οΈβ„οΈπŸ’¦β˜€οΈ whatever the weather πŸ˜ƒ



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