Pancake day 😀

Happy pancake day, one of our milestone days here on the farm and probably our favourite! 

It’s a good job we have things to look forward too as the weather has been shocking to say the least, the constant rain had resulted in a lake in the paddocks, even the hay barn flooded which is only the second time since we have been here. On the upside the winds that came with it didn’t cause any damage apart from lots of twig debris all over the place. It’s a shame about the rain as the ground had begun to dry up beautifully, almost a pleasure to walk around in, ah well at least it should get drier, quicker from now on, fingers crossed. 

Hubby and eldest daughters partner spent Sunday working on the tractor, putting new engine mount brackets in place, we discovered that the old ones had sheared in half and at some point in its history had already been welded back together. Luckily we had the tractor in under cover so that made life easier for them, they were rewarded at the end of the day with roast beef and all the trimmings a good payment I reckon 😀 

We bought new Quail and they have been readily laying and I have even had two goose eggs, hopefully more will follow. 

When you work on your own, self motivation is important, though hard, especially when the weather is crap! As I wrote in a previous blog I have been trying to get something useful done outside every day, however the weather put paid to that over the past few days, but I have managed to tidy and organise the greenhouse, get some more broad bean seeds in, no sign of them sprouting yet though. I have also set the seed potatoes out to chit and today I have lined and filled a super duper new strawberry trough that hubby built and planted the strawberry plants in it. It’s waist height so hopefully I don’t have to scrabble around on the ground picking the fruit, that’s the plan lol. I have also cleared an area of existing fencing in readiness for the new rabbit run to be built, they are still living in the chicken run at the moment and I don’t think the new arrival hens that we picked up at the weekend are too impressed with their room mates 😝

I let the ducks and the geese out to free range today, the horses are in for the third day running because it’s so wet so I thought it an ideal time for them to have a roam about and get some extra nutrition from worms and weeds! The geese are getting more aggressive as they often do this time of year, that’s why they are normally confined to their quarters as they tend to terrorise everything and everyone on the yard, eventually when mating gets serious they will even have a go at me so you have to keep your wits about you or end up with a nasty nip on the back of the leg, trying to make a fast getaway is even harder in the slippery mud!! 

The workload will begin to crank up from here on in as long as the weather permits so hopefully there will be more to write about as long as I can keep motivated and it’s surprising how the glimpse of sunshine can help. In the meantime enjoy your pancakes, lemon & sugar, or banana and choc spread, we even have salted caramel sauce this year, what’s your favourite? 

Have a great week 😋


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