Imaginary labourer, you’re fired!Β 

Hello bloggers, sorry it’s been a while, have been busy with various things including entertaining our grandson πŸ˜ƒ

As always I can never remember exactly what I have been up to but it includes a lot of tidying, feeding, mucking out as well as the usual household stuff.

 I finally managed to poison whatever was in the wall, the downside is I think I can now smell it decomposing 😜. The female rabbits are now in their finished run and enjoying it very much, I will get pics soon I promise, Mr rabbit was in with the other chickens but I moved him out today as I don’t think he is very impressed with them nicking his food and water all the time. The chickens are a funny batch personality wise, this lot like to get right under my feet and peck at my wellies when I go in to feed them, how I have managed not to squash one yet is a miracle. We have had some ghastly weather along with the the rest of the country, one horrendous downpour in particular resulted in the paddocks flooding over night and a river running through the stable block, I have never seen that before, however we have now moved into some settled weather and things are beginning to dry up. Eldest daughters partner came over with his quad bike to drag the fields a couple of weekends ago after a dry spell, this encourages growth of the grass and gets out any dead thatch blocking out the light, they will have a months rest before anything is put on them to graze, ideally I would have like to top seed them but we are pushed for rotation space with the horses and so that probably won’t happen this year.

Hubby and I went for a rare day out to the Good Food and Good Life Live show at the National Agriculture Centre in Warwickshire, it was a lovely sunny day and all under cover lol, still it was nice to go and get some new ideas and renew our enthusiasm . As we are nearly out of our own home grown lamb and no spare fields to put some on this year, we called into a farm on the way back to purchase some supplies for the freezer. I would much rather do that than buy from the supermarket, the taste is so much better and it’s a great feeling to support the small rural businesses. 

As soon as the sun comes out at this time of year I always feel as though I am behind with planting, I’m not but it just makes you feel as though Spring has fully arrived. I have learnt from past experience not to get carried away though as the cold is still lurking around ready to bite as soon as you are not looking. Having said that I have done a bit of seed sowing in the greenhouse and a fair bit in the poly tunnel, I also planted some early potatoes and garlic in there, as it is much warmer than the greenhouse. Hubby has now built two raised strawberry planters that hold about twelve plants each and I invested in some new plants covering a longer season so that I am not frantically picking fruit everyday in June. I also planted up a couple of hanging baskets with strawberries in to go in the poly tunnel and see if I can get an even earlier crop. The broad beans I planted a couple of weeks ago have come up, well a few have the others have rotted due to the cold and wet, the tomato and pepper seeds went leggy due to lack of light and the sweet peas have been eaten by something, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again, which is exactly what I have done, finger crossed this time round.

The geese are laying very well and the eggs are selling just as well so I’ll notch that up as a success, if fact this week , egg sales have taken off immensely, I was worried that the customers had all gone elsewhere when we were low, but we have had a steady stream of customers all week, long may it continue πŸ˜ƒ

One thing I have learnt over the years, not just living here but generally is never to say to hubby ‘I am thinking of doing this particular job’ and then going out for a few hours because when I get back he has had a go at whatever it was I had mentioned. What is wrong with that I can hear you thinking, well firstly it won’t have been done quite how I wanted it, and secondly hubby appears to have an imaginary labourer, he must be imaginary because he never clears up the mess! I made that error on Sunday after mentioning cutting back two huge buddliea globosa (small round, orange flowers) in the front driveway, I came back to find the whole lot on the floor, 10 minutes with the chain saw for him, two days of moving and burning it for me 😝. We have some trees to take down at the weekend, they are either leaning or have come loose from windrock, I have already mentioned it, now I all I need to do is make sure I don’t have to go outπŸ˜–, or fire the imaginary labourer and find a new one 😜

Have a great week β˜€οΈ


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