Boo 😜

I have been asked by a couple of people why I haven’t been blogging lately and to be honest I don’t know, maybe I just got out of the routine of doing it, maybe I got bored of doing it who knows ( I have been doing it nearly 5 years!) but the nights drawing in seem to be a good time to start again so here I am 😃

Written below is a post that I did in the summer but for some reason never published (I think) 

I haven’t blogged for such a long time it’s seems rude to only write a few paragraphs so I decided I would do a complete catch up which may result in a couple of pages lol.
It’s difficult to know what to start with really, I suppose the thing that takes up most of my time during these months so the produce garden is the first topic

I have already begun to think about what has worked and what has not, it’s been a difficult year (and I think I find myself saying that each year!) the weather until recently has been bland to say the least. Weeks of cloudy, cold weather, then rain for days with barely a glimpse of the Sun meant that things were slow to start and reluctant to grow, I had been chatting on gardening sites with others about the lack of growth on the beans and peas, it seems everyone had the same problems. So I found myself chomping at the bit, after all it should have been the time of plenty instead it was a waiting game, luckily the Sun made an appearance last week and things have bloomed. It was incredibly hot, lol, out of the frying pan into the fire, I should be glad to have such glorious weather I know, but even though the Lupus is in remission it was much too hot for me to be outside during the middle of the day. Early mornings and late evening were needed to get any garden work done, that’s a long day 😛 At long last the tomatoes are beginning to ripen, the runner beans are beginning to grow, the sweet corn is getting taller and the squash are rampaging over the soil. The soft fruit has obviously enjoyed the weather pattern, I have been picking kilos of strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants, goodness knows how we are going to get through it all, I have bagged it and frozen it for making into various items later in the year when I have more time.  

The cucumbers have been the worst casualty of the year, very poor growth and not much improved, I guess we won’t be having many this year, compare that to the year I was was picking forty a day! One mistake I made that had me chuckling was the belief that I had planted a cucumber in the poly tunnel only to realise once it started growing it was a butternut squash which definitely dosent need to be in there. Brassicas have been something I was determined to get this year, normally they are decimated by caterpillar so I worked very hard to make the cage butterfly proof and it has been successful I am pleased to say, so far I have picked two very lovely cauliflower and a perfect broccoli, Hubby will be delighted with home grown sprouts for the Yuletide feast this year too.

Weeding, planting, digging, hoeing, mowing, strimming, watering, picking, bagging, pricing, peeling, chopping, cooking, freezing, drying.

I have been putting produce out for sale, sometimes meagre pickings, and sold a fair bit, but while last year I barely had time to get it in the shed, this year is different for some reason and it’s not going so fast. I have a theory that as my home grown veg tastes so good it has encouraged the customers to grow their own instead of buying mine lol. I read somewhere that a homesteader is always optimistic, I think that is certainly true after all if we weren’t, we would be a dying breed. 

The hens, geese and ducks are next on the agenda, you will remember that we bought in 80 pullets and retired the 77 older ladies to the back paddock, well we are down to 27 at the back due to a couple of young mauranding, daytime fox visitors! The geese hatched out one little gosling which was doing well then all of a sudden took a turn for the worse and died the next day 😢 and we have added some new ducks and drakes to the gene pool, Welsh Harlequinns, we will mate them with the Khaki Cambells in spring and hopefully get a good looking laying duck in the process. The sale of eggs from the shed has gone into overdrive in the last couple of weeks, two days running one weekend we sold every egg we had and were left waiting for them to hurry up and lay some more and considering how many eggs are being laid at the moment that is no small matter 🐓🐓

Hubby has been busy around the farm building new secure fences to keep out Mr Fox and also some rather lovely decking that we have not really used much due to the crap weather then the too hot weather ha ha, our youngest daughter and her boyfriend have been using it to dine alfresco though so at least it’s getting some use. I keep meaning to drink my early morning coffee out there but tend to put myself under pressure to get working instead, I really need to relax more I think, but there always seems so much to do and so little time to do it.

Cleaning, feeding, watering, egg collecting, shutting in, letting out, rounding up, dealing with health problems, post ramming, fencing, creosoting, muck heap turning.

Our grandchildren have of course been a big part of this summer, I wish the veg grew as quickly as they do 😃 they have enjoyed naps in the shade of the Oak tree as well as a paddling pool day, I look forward to the time they are old enough to help with the gardening, by that I mean sat in the strawberry bed with juice all around their mouths lol.
And in and amongst everything I always have the housework and paperwork to do as well as chatting with customers, and redirecting lost drivers, we seem to get a lot of them 😝

Since writing that it has been full steam ahead with picking and processing everything and in the end we had a fair amount, at least enough to keep us going through the Winter at least and if all else fails there is always the supermarket 😝

I will try to be more regular from here on in 😛


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