A mixed bag of a week πŸ˜‹

Monday was a wet start to the week but, as is often at this time of year, too warm for a raincoat, so either you get wet from the rain or damp from sweating with a coat on, I decided on getting wet.

After feeding and letting out all the birds, I usually go into the veg garden and either do some picking or some tidying, Monday was picking, courgettes, patty pan, tomatoes, and some radish. The tomatoes are coming to an end, I had a huge slug problem in the poly tunnel, you would be amazed on how much they can feast on in just one night! I watered the big poly tunnel, in there I have sown, peas, spinach, carrots and brassicas for over winter, still growing from the summer are jalapeΓ±os, basil and sweet potato. The sweet potato has a huge amount of foliage and I just hope there are tubers underneath it all. Later  in the afternoon I made a batch of crumble mix for the freezer, it’s so easy and very convenient as the crumble stays separated and you can shake out just the amount you need. We had a one pot dinner, everything chucked in, left over chicken, runner beans, patty pan, onions, dried herbs and potatoes. 

Tuesday was dry but very muggy, today I picked berries, blackberries, raspberries, mulberries, wine berries and blueberries, plus a basket of runner beans. They will do very nicely for a crumble for pudding later on, I put a beef stew on to cook early in the morning and left it on low all day which frees me up to get on with some tidying work in the garden. The electric board turned up to replace two poles that have been in forty years and are beginning to rot at the top. I have wondered what my poor woodpecker will do when he finds a newly creosoted post in place of his bug ridden old one, I hope he still hangs around.

Wednesday, another muggy/sunny day. I cleaned out the rabbits, quail and geese this morning. The rabbits have been digging large burrows, goodness knows how far they have gone but it seems to keep the happy and they love popping in and out of the ground.The half a day job the electric board promised has now turned into two days and they are not finished yet. The ground is so hard that it was much tougher than they expected to get the new poles in, or the old poles out. The huge lorry carrying the new poles has shredded the foliage on the nut trees, they are in need of a trim back but I was waiting for the nuts to ripen first. In the evening I cut the grass, I had to wait that long for the dew to dry out and then cut the front driveway, the lawn and the area by the ducks, it looks tidy again for a couple of weeks.

Thursday, the electric board are back again! This means the driveway is full of vans and lorries anyone would think we are having major work done not just replacing two poles. I continued with tidying the driveway by edging the grass and cutting back foliage that was obscuring the view as you pull out of the drive. I also cleaned out the ducks, they get so dirty very quickly, I need to separate some of them off to cross breed new ducks for next year but can’t decide which end of the year to do it, separate them now so they get used to it and are settl d by the time mating season comes or wait till Spring and separate them then. Instinct is telling me do it now but that means getting them a new home ready first.  John has mince and potatoes for tea and I am having stir fry cooked by Charlie and Macca πŸ˜€ Someone very kindly left a bag of cooking apples for me, thank you whoever it was. 

Friday, well would you believe the electric board are back, they still haven’t got the second pole in the ground and are back to try again today, we though, are off to Johns Dads funeral and so I won’t be here to make them cups of coffee. It is sunny today, which will make today a little bit easier to cope with. On our return in the afternoon I was delighted to see the post in the ground, however the old one is still there and still connected so I am guessing that they will be back yet again at some point to move all the cables and get the old post out. I told them they were milking the job on day two, now they are just taking the piss! Takeaway for dinner tonight, it’s been a long day, and we are babysitting our grandson for a couple of hours so no time for cooking.

Saturday, raining, I will be honest, I was in no rush to go out and do the animals, so I did a bit of housework first, getting a soaking and then coming in to do it didn’t appeal, I rather it was the other way round. John went off on the feed run, every two weeks he goes to pick up 12 bags of layers pellets and 2 bags of corn to keep the flock fed. The rain just kept coming down and we decided to have the day off, no point in trying to work round the showers, maybe tomorrow will be better. In the late afternoon we went to my Sister in Laws 50th birthday celebration, a much needed bit of fun after the last couple of days.

Sunday, sunny and dry πŸ˜€ one of the jobs on the list is the front hedge, over a hundred feet long, at least six feet wide and not been trimmed for two years! We decided to get stuck in and started about 8.30am eventually finished it around 4.30 with still a bit of tidying up left to do. Consequently, we didn’t do anything else that day, Charlie and Macca very kindly cooked a roast 😘 


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