Gung Ho!Β 

Monday: spent the day cleaning, made bread, lovely day, washing. The chicken is still in her box, eye has gone down but still not right. The damn powder still has not arrived yet but I have some lime from our neighbour so when I get time I will have a go at painting that in the chicken house. Chicken casserole for John, Korma for me.

Tuesday: Got a bit of a shock when I found a strange man rooting round in my bush! πŸ˜‰ Turned out to be a man from the electric board who had thrown the ball for the dogs and it had gone in the hedge, he had come to do a visual check on the poles they had put in and check for any wire offcuts they may have left. Chicken with the eye problem still having trouble, if something was in there I would have expected to see infection take hold by now although antibiotics don’t seem to be solving it either, will have to flush it again later and make a decision, she can lose an eye and still be fine but if it just won’t heal she will have to be dispatched as it clearly gives her problems, she is constantly rubbing it on her feathers. Sunny dry day. Gammon for tea baked a couple of cakes to use up stuff in the cupboard.

Wednesday: morning routine, then Nanny duties, had Mia for the morning, then quick visit to the new Costa Coffee. Afternoon feed routine, then cut the lawn, water the poly tunnel, pick some salad leaves for tea, still growing in the poly tunnel are lettuce, spinach, peas, beetroot leaves, spring onions, basil, and peppers. Try to find out where the bloody powder has got to, online supplier won’t be using them ever again, second time the stuff has taken forever to come and you can’t get hold of anyone to complain. 

Thursday: usual routine followed by 5 hours in the fruit cage, repairs, weeding, etc, picked some autumn raspberries for pud later, make bread.

A new product I discovered arrive today Bees wrap, it’s an alternative to clingfilm, cotton cloth soaked in bees wax, tree resin and jojoba oil, I thought it was worth a try to cut down on plastic use. I found I had been short changed in the egg shed today πŸ˜” so I  turned the shed around so can see the customers on the cctv better, though it’s a sad thing to have to do 😞

Friday, morning feed routine also top up the nesting/bed areas with clean straw, because it hasn’t rained they are not too mucky so a top up of fresh bedding is all they need at the moment. Evidence of rats in the rabbit area plus a dead quail this morning that’s the second one this month not sure why. Need to think about hatching some quail eggs incase this lot don’t make it through winter. I was burning some paper rubbish when I spotted some lovely blackberries so I went and got a tub to pick them, had a lovely wander round the paddock edges and got a small haul, I grow thornless hybrid blackberries but you can’t beat the taste of hedgerow ones πŸ˜€ I hulled the remainder of the walnuts and now have a good amount for snacking on or using in cakes. 

Sat: feeding watering letting out, put few boxes of eggs collected this morning out, sold them by 9am with customers queuing up! Put out a notice to say next collection time is 4pm otherwise we are asked to go and get them all day long, it’s manic at the moment. I have no idea what makes our eggs so good but clearly it’s noticeable as a lady gave some to a friend and they wanted to know where they came from and now make a detour to swing by and buy them from us! Got the tractor out to move a bit of muck as John had had to go to work this morning, he obviously makes it look easier than it actually is, the first thing I did was knock down one of the posts oooops!  Went to our great nieces first birthday party in the afternoon, when we got back there were three lots of customers waiting for eggs and muck. 

Sunday: spent the day chopping down more trees! We had some help today which made a big difference but also made a hole in the side fence and ripped the gate post from the ground, a few little accidents nothing serious but def a gung ho work day, nipped down to the pub for a cheeky half after a hard days work, then back home for a nice piece of roast pork and some blackberry and apple crumble to round the day off. 

The photos are of the blackberries I picked , the Bee Wrap and the Sun shinning through the gap in the tree line πŸ˜€


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