The Pied Piper 🐭

Monday: After feeding etc I spent a couple of hours doing some shredding, the pile is enormous as we didn’t do any as we went along on Sunday. In the afternoon, I tided up the brassica cage. I am still getting small florets of broccoli and picked a good pan full, they will soak in water to drown any bugs before being blanched and frozen. The sprouts are not too bad considering the caterpillars got in there, there will be a boiling or two for Christmas which will please John no end. I picked a good trug full of weeds and plenty of old cabbage leaves for the rabbits to munch on. In the poly tunnel I did the weeding, I had intended to plant onions and put in some carrot seeds plus perpetual spinach but my back was hurting so I will leave it for another day. The horses will be moving fields soon so I checked the electric fence and took out a new battery ready for connecting up when needed. The batteries have all been topped up with distilled water and charged up fully ready for Winter

Tuesday: after morning routine, plant onions and peas in the poly tunnel, moved grape vine from outside to inside the poly tunnel, cover kiwi in fleece as the frosts ruin the blossom and therefore any potential fruit. Pot on the cape gooseberries and put them in the small poly tunnel, they will survive the winter and be ready to go again next spring no need to grow these every year from seed. Put some wires up for the thornless blackberry bushes, I found they sprawl the floor otherwise and the birds readily eat them before I get to them. Peeled a large bagful of cooking apples that I was given and prepped them for the freezer. Peelings to the geese. Made bread. Lovely sunny dry day again, how long will it last??

Wednesday: got up early to get the feeding and watering done, had a hospital appointment at 10.15 and getting through Oxford is an ordeal so need to leave plenty of time. Found mr rabbit dead in his run, I have no idea why he has died, he seemed a little quiet over the last few days but still eating and drinking also in the middle of a moult, there will definitely be no babies now! 

Thursday: Old Mr Duck died overnight, we knew he was coming to the end as I had to carry him out yesterday morning and John had to carry him back to bed in the evening, fly high Mr Duck I hope you enjoyed life here. Damn mouse in the airing cupboard, keep hearing it scratching about in the mornings and evidence of mouse poo in there, have had to put poison down as there are wires for the boiler etc in there don’t want it chewing through those. Rodents are always a problem this time of year as they look for somewhere warm to overwinter and preferably near a food source, we don’t have a massive problem just multiple areas where they are living lol 

Thought I’d better sort out the cctv, the front camera got hit by a branch during tree felling last weekend and was recording the ground directly underneath it lol, gave the lens a clean and then linked it to my mobile phone via an app so I can see when I’m not there, not that there would be much I could do about it. I have a forth camera but when I tried it before it kept knocking the system off so I got a new cable just in case it was that and will give it another go, failing that I will need to try the port to make sure it’s not that that is dodgy and if that is ok get a different camera. I want to use the last one for filming the paddock at night to see what is about, hope I don’t get more than I bargained for 😝 clowns or something 😝 I have also put a motion activated light in the egg shed for the darker evenings ahead ( I know, look at me all organised! ) although I think I may have to set a time for last buying of eggs, someone came 9pm on Saturday evening, have they nothing better to do? 

Made bread and butter pudding with some leftover bread and cream to use up, shepherds pie for John spag Bol for me 😀

Had a phone call this week, the cow has gone to slaughter and will hang for a couple of weeks then be ready for the freezer, I have also ordered 2 lambs from a local farmer so need to sort the freezer space out asap! 

Friday: John went off to get the feed this morning as we won’t be here tomorrow, and a couple of new blades for his chainsaw, the old ones can be sharpened but our local sharpener takes forever, about eight weeks last time to get them back so quicker if not cost effective to get new ones. Went to visit Mum and Ken for coffee, they are now back for the Winter after spending the summer on the canal boat. Did a bit of washing and ironing and packed for a weekend away in Eastbourne. 

Sat & Sun: left the farm in the capable hands of Charlie and Macca, and set off for Eastbourne, we decided a while back we needed a break, a change of air, fresh fish and chips and an ice cream or two. I couldn’t escape the events of the farm even then, well I presume the mouse I found up my sleeve had come with us from the farm, either that or it hitched a ride from the place we stopped for breakfast and that doesn’t bear thinking about 😋 there I was in the middle of a busy shopping street fishing a mouse out from my sleeve, good job I am not squeamish, I didn’t bat an eye lid, just carried on walking and left onlookers dumbfounded lol. Of course I had to put up with the comments from John then, when window shopping he would say, ‘that looks mice’ or do you think ratatouille is cooking the dinner tonight or “did you bring your flute” ha bloody ha. All in all though it was a pleasant weekend and the weather was kind to us, and it was nice to see, hear and smell the seaside. 


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