Frost, Fog and a cold North wind. 

The weather has certainly changed over the course of a week and Winter has most definitely made itself known brrrrrrr. 

Monday: Foggy morning but it’s light early so crack on with the usual chores, then time out while I have my hair chopped off, it’s much shorter now as it was annoying me when it was so long. 

Halloween, I’d be very surprised if we got any trick or treaters up our dark drive with a very large dog growling and barking, you would need to be very brave indeed lol, however during the daylight hours I had two delightful treats in the form of grandchildren come to visit with their pumpkins and Halloween vests 😀🎃

Joshua was loving it

Mia was not! 

Tuesday: I darn well forgot that the electric was due to go off all day, until the moment that it did! I did the rounds in the morning then came in and had a coffee, looked through my e-mails and facebook, just decided to make another when click, it all went off, dang nabbit. Nothing much for it but to get outside and do a bit of clearing/tidying up, after about and hour I was beginning to hanker for a coffee so I got the fire pit out, lit it and dug out the old Rayburn kettle, sorted 😀

Sam rang a bit later and said she was going into Burford and did I want to go, the option sounded like a good one so off I went. 

We came back with still a couple of hours until the electric came back on, and by 3.45 with it due back on at 4 I was pacing up and down, it was beginning to get cold and the fire needed lighting but as it’s a pumped system I couldn’t do that either, then it came back on around five minutes early, fantastic, first things first, put the kettle on. 

Wednesday: A day out shopping, lol to start with this is all I wrote for my notes because we were out until 3.30pm partly by choice, partly because of roadworks holding up the traffic and an altercation between a school bus and a 4×4 down the narrowest of lanes and we were caught up in the back log. That meant by the time I got home it was all systems go, light the fire, feed the birds, collect and put out the eggs before the customers start coming, and get the dinner on. Day to day I mostly potter about on the farm, see the occasional customer, have the occasional visitor but needs must when Christmas approaches and a trip to town is necessary, there is only so much online shopping you can do, although I do quite a bit. The contrast is vastly different, busy, noisy, crowded, cramped, speedy, and I’m glad I only have to dip into it a few times a year 😝

Thursday: Hard frost this morning, that calls for a thicker coat and gloves, the hosepipe was frozen so had to bucket the water to the chooks instead. Will have to fill up the water properly on the afternoon run when it’s warmed up a little. Cleaned out the new ducks then clean the house, the dust is getting a bit too settled for my liking, made some bread, got dinner prepped and then caught up with The Walking Dead 😫

Light the fire before going out into the Sunshine to do the afternoon feed and collect the eggs. 

Friday: Today I had Josh for a couple of hours, then went to get my blood pressure checked ( came home with a machine to monitor it) and went for coffee and a sandwich with Sam and Shelley, for some reason I am very partial to goats cheese at the moment, if we ever get goats I would have to get a milking goat and make cheese, there is a thought for the future. 

Saturday: Bloody perishing North wind! After doing the animals in the morning we decided to do a bit of tidying the trees we cut down a few weekends ago, there was a big stack of branches to process and a lot of shredding to do, John was on the chainsaw and I did the shredding and barrowing. This took up the best part of the day and by the time we came indoors I was cold right through to my bones, it took hours to get warm again. Of course today is November 5th, Guy Fawkes and I am usually very keen to go and stand in the cold and watch the fireworks but not tonight, tonight I am staying in the warm instead and listening to the ‘bangs and booms’ Next year I must remember not to work outside all day so that I don’t mind getting wrapped up to go out and watch the fireworks. 

Sunday: That North wind is still here and after the morning routine I decided that I was going to work indoors, after yesterday I thought, I’m buggered if I am going to get that cold again today, there are after all plenty of things to do inside, in the warm 😀 John worked on the tractor, turning the muck heap completely, the dogs caught and killed another rat and I made apple pies, cake and bread in the cosiness of my kitchen. 

I lit the Rayburn around lunchtime which warmed up the whole house, Rosie seems to have settled right down after five years, normally you have to get the measure of her when re lighting her for the first time again but this year she does not seem so temperamental, we are back to lighting her every day now as the weather seems to have suddenly got a lot colder, still not having to keep her going 24hrs a day yet though. Today’s dinner will be cooked in her oven along with the apple pie, she will provide a nice tank of hot water and dry the washing overnight, fabulous when the wood is free 😀


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