Super Moon, Cobbler and the Hokey Cokey. 

Monday: Temps are set to be quite warm for the first part of the week. Cleaned out the nest boxes in the chicken hut, dusted with louse powder and sprayed with thyme oil, smells lovely in there 😀Ducks in the stable haven’t laid any eggs I think they may be heading for the freezer 😝I went out to do some weeding in the polytunnel, turned into an interesting activity as I came across something I have never seen in all my years of gardening, a dried newt! 

After investigations were over on the newt I went back outside to do a bit of tidying in the garden, the bean plants were still on the canes although they were now dead so I pulled up the canes and untangled the plants to put on the compost heap. I decided that I will cover the bed in weed barrier but I need to order it first, it will save me time in the Spring, I will barrow some manure round to spread on it before I cover it up. Pulled up some of the dead asparagus foliage and cleared the now rotting squash plants. 
I was looking forward to the ‘Super Moon’ but sadly cloud cover meant it wasn’t visible 😔

Tuesday: An ok day weather wise, although the ground is now wet underfoot and probably will not dry out until spring with the only respite being frozen mornings! Did the usual morning routine, nothing untoward today, then on the clean the bathroom, well I left it long enough to see if anyone else was inclined to do it…………nope, clean the toilet and then try and sort out the office which has become a dumping ground for ‘stuff’ that has nowhere else to go. Looked after Mia while Sam went for some dentistry, made bread.

Since the clocks went back the afternoon and evening routine is my domain as well now, the birds need to be fed about an hour before sundown, they get wheat to keep them warm through the night, then they need to be all shut in as darkness descends, around 4.30 at the moment but it will be as early as 4pm in the depths of Winter. It does mean a longer evening to get stuff done, but in all honestly once we have had dinner and cleared up I just want to sit down lol

Wednesday: After the morning stuff, I decided to sort out the laptop, the one that crashed has been returned with the new hard drive which was still under guarantee but all the photos were on an old one so needed zipping and transferring. It would have been a whole lot better for me if they rest of the household had not used up all the milk in the morning leaving me with only enough for one cup of coffee and everyone knows you need at least four when waiting for files to transfer! I resorted to hot chocolate instead. As you can imagine this took up a large part of the day, I will be glad when technology is lighting fast! 

Thursday: I spent most of the day doing bits of paperwork that I had left too long and moving files from my back up drive to the repaired laptop, takes forever especially when putting software on there and having to restart it every time to install or uninstall something. 

We seemed to have been spared the horrendous downpours that were forecast and the horses spent the day doing the Hokey Cokey, in cos it was supposed to rain, out because it wasn’t gonna rain till after lunch, in again and out again when it was apparent the rain was not coming, this was even after checking with the met office site. We did get some pretty strong winds that blew everything around mind you but at least it wasn’t wet and soggy at the end of the day. 

Friday: Not a bad start to the day, not as frosty as I thought I was going to be, filling up the water bowls was easily done with the hose. The ducks are still not laying although the new POL hens have started to gift us with pullet eggs, they need to have a quiet word with the ducks I think 😉 Made bread including French baguettes and sorted out one of the crockery cupboards, you know how they get with items being put back in willy nilly. I dug out the gold Christmas platters from the back of the cupboard I will leave them out now as the season is fast approaching.

I made the most delicious beef cobbler for dinner, it tasted amazing though I do say so myself 😜

Saturday: I put my wellies and coat on at 8am and didn’t take them off again until 4.30pm, we worked outside all day clearing, burning, shredding, chain sawing and log splitting, the area is almost tidy now just a small pile to burn tomorrow. Hubby went off at one point to pick up a van load of logs that were going for free, they turned out to be already well seasoned and after splitting will be ready for the Rayburn. We left it a bit late to light the Rayburn and consequently it’s a tad cold in here this evening as it takes a while to heat the place up, I’m wrapped up in my blanket smelling of bonfire smoke and eating fish and chips 😀

I did manage to singe my hair a little today too, I bent down to pick up some debris and the wind whooshed the flames in my direction, I could hear and smell the singe then realised it was my hair 😜

Sunday: Much the same as Saturday really, more log splitting, more burning, apologies to the neighbours for the smoke! Although today it was much colder than yesterday, my toes and fingers were absolutely frozen, and I welcomed the chance to go in and warm up occasionally. We seemed to have missed the bad weather that was warned of again, it was a bit windy in the night but nothing too bad and it was a bit wet this morning but again nothing major. 

The dogs had to have a bath tonight, they were disgustingly dirty from charging around the farm, we have dug out their comfy beds too, now that the temps have dropped. 


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