Flies, Thieves and Christmas Shopping 😝

Monday again! Dark this morning, did the animals then had to set about the paperwork I should have done Friday, it niggles in my head till it’s done, had the VAT quarter to do as well. Would have gone well except the bloody dogs were barking at fresh air and the occasional egg customer. Eventually after trying to tot up a column for the third time I shut them in the back until I had finished.We have started putting out large eggs for 1.40 a box, one of the reasons was that people were moving the eggs around to get the best deal, they were a mixed box at 1.20 but we have now changed them to small £1 medium £1.20 large £1.40 and any extra large will be £1.50 a box. You wouldn’t believe what customers do lol, not all, in fact not most of them just the odd one or two swapping them around, leaving IOU notes, making suggestions on how I should do things 😝 and rocking up at stupid hours, all in a days work I guess.

Now that the paperwork is out of the way I can concentrate on Christmas presents and we have a good few birthdays coming up as well, need to get myself organised. 

Topped up all the water in the afternoon feed session as it is predicted to freeze tonight and the taps won’t work in the morning. Also fell arse over tit while feeding, I usually cock my leg over the three foot electric fence but misjudged it slightly and my foot got tangled, this happens occasionally but I can normally right myself, not today, thump, down I went luckily nothing injured but pride 😜

Went over to Charlie’s in the evening to take a chair for them to sit on until their sofa arrived, came out to go home and the car windscreens were already frozen at 8.30, gonna be cold tonight! 

Tuesday: A cold, frozen morning but with the promise of sunshine on the horizon, the sun rising this morning actually looks as I imagine the Serengeti does, bathing the sky in a fiery orange glow. Thick socks today I think, I’m glad I did the water yesterday and I put in extra bedding for some of the ducks this morning. Also fed the geese some hard feed and apples as the grass, which is their staple diet, is frozen. 

Enjoying the Winter sun but it does show the dusty windows up 😜 I don’t know about you but I always think cleaning the windows in winter is a complete waste of time, however it will probably annoy me so much I will feel compelled to do it eventually. Meanwhile the kitchen needs a clean. 

Kitchen cleaned, bathroom given a wipe over, sitting room hoovered and polished, dinner prepped for tonight and organised tomorrow’s dinner too, and the Rayburn is lit waiting for the washing to finish to hang on the lazy Shelia. Now at this point I really should have thought, I’ll go outside and do some work in the garden, but to be honest my thought was to hell with it, I will catch up with the walking dead 😝 He who thinks that I obey him will have no complaints as there will be hot water, a warm, clean house, and dinner in the oven, jobs a good un 😘

Feeding this afternoon I discovered that the temps could not have risen much during the day, as parts of the ground where the sun didn’t reach are still frosted and my fingers got cold just handling the eggs. Another discovery on my return into the utility room was a mass (well 21 at a count) of dead flies on the floor! At least I know where they are coming from now, underneath a pipe, why, I have no idea, my best guess is the dogs have had a bone or some raw meat and it has got wedged underneath then flies have laid eggs ?? but I shall get the fly spray out forthwith and finish them off. 

Gonna be a cold one again tonight that’s for sure, we got a lovely flaming sunset though first

Wednesday: Fook its cold this morning! The girls coming up to do the horses said it was registering -7 on the car dash at 7.30am by my reckoning that means it went down to around -10 overnight possibly lower. No wonder then that when I let the ducks out in the front they immediately sat down on the grass and were shivering, a duck, shivering, never seen it before 😧 The chicken poo in the front hut floor was frozen, bear in mind there are about 90 chickens in there overnight all giving off a little heat, it was mightily cold indeed. By the time I finished scraping the floor the ducks had moved to the first ray of Sunshine coming through the trees, a tiny patch in the corner of their pen, I hope it warms up quickly these are the kind of temperatures that can kill older birds. Naturally I had to break all the water buckets this morning and it was quite thick ice, I need to get me a metal rod to break it instead of using my heel as that jars a bit especially by the time you get to the last bucket. 

Switching broadband providers today and Talk Talk decided to cut me off before BT had switched me on, thanks a bunch tossers, how the hell am I supposed to find out what’s happening in Faceland? I can’t even check the weather to see how much the temps are going to climb and decide when to light the Rayburn 😜

I decided to light it early, I can always shut it right down to tick over if it gets too warm, better to keep the house warm than have to start over later on I thought. Besides two rooms I needed to work in are cold rooms, the first the utility, the flies seem to have stopped crawling out ended up with around 40 of them, so a good Hoover in there might see and end to that little phenomena, then in the study to connect the broadband. To be honest I was expecting a rigmarole of plugging, unplugging, waiting, wondering when it will connect but nope, I plugged it in connected up and it was up and running, BT you get 10/10 so far 😀

Thursday: Uber cold overnight again, frozen water buckets etc, shan’t be doing much outside if I can help it lol.

My seed order arrived already, that was quick, I see I also ordered asparagus pea, my Mum has grown this before but I haven’t so it will be an interesting crop, I try to find recipes or information to print out for my customers and of course any tried and tested ones are a bonus, I also received a couple of free seed packets, Sunflowers, which I haven’t grown for a couple of years so I will definitely use them and some very long almost pink radish, hopefully they will be more successful than the black ones 😝

Spent a couple of hours doing some paperwork, tying up lose ends etc and then another couple of hours online Christmas shopping, in between that I was keeping the Rayburn stoked up to keep the chill off 😀

Had Mia for a couple of hours in the afternoon, then did then feed round and put more rat bait down the holes, I will get these bloody things, flies are still appearing, it’s a mystery! 

Friday: The temps have gone up thank goodness, I can get some fresh water to everything at last. Checked the rat bait, it’s still there so hoping I have managed to kill them off. Let the new ducks out and one of them is clearly not right, not standing up, flapping along the ground, when I picked her up she feels thin, no other obvious signs of anything wrong, bright eyed and nothing broken. Made up a pen for her inside the stable with good and water and hope she starts to pick up a bit. The yard reeks of fox this morning so we have a prowler, need to make sure I am on the ball at bedtime or we could have losses. After morning coffee out to put in fresh bedding and check on the duck, move a goose that somehow has flown over the fence into the next paddock and sort the utility room to see if I can find where these bloody flies are coming from! 

So events took a turn while I was out putting the bedding in, I was in the rabbit cage when I noticed what I thought were egg customers, then something about them make me think not, by the time I got out they had ridden away on their bikes with the egg money, little scrotes, I am bloody fuming and shaking with rage, only about a fiver but not the point. I reported it to the police and of course I have them on cctv, it’s the principle of the matter as far as I am concerned. Will have to have a rethink about the eggs now 🤔🤔🤔

Saturday: The usual stuff although the poorly duck didn’t make it through the night 😔

Then onto our favourite job, tree felling and chopping and splitting and shredding urgh I will be glad when they are all down. The cold got right through to my bones and it took me ages to warm up. I also spent the day keeping an eye on the egg shed and emptying the money every time someone came, the police called me back today just to get some details, I’m not expecting a prosecution lol but its the principle of the matter.

I ordered a nice new big shed for the duck enclosure, at the moment I have to bend down to get inside and collect any eggs, also cleaning out is difficult doubled over so a full height door and roof will be wonderful. The plan is to build a small platform inside with a ramp up to it, so they can get up to nest if they choose to. The older ducks have at least started laying again though the young ones are still to produce anything 😜

The rat bait blocks are still there so I’m guessing the rats are dead at last.

Sunday: Sooooo today after doing the morning feed routine we decided to go Christmas shopping, oh how I wish we hadn’t! The will to live began to fade whilst sat in the traffic on the approach to the car park, drivers trying to push their way in further up the queue, those who had got in the wrong lane and trying to get back out again. Finally getting into the car park, miles away from the shop cos that’s the only space left despite trying to tell hubby, who of course wants to park as close to the door as possible, that it ain’t gonna happen. First the toilet, guess what, another queue 😝 begin shopping, the first two shops I walked into, I walked straight back out again, rammed, the next was a little better so I dived in, overloaded shelves mean handbag hitting hazards all over the place. Honestly it’s like trying to take a trailer test, manoeuvring your way around various objects with the thinnest of aisles, your hazard perception has to be tip top to stop yourself bumping into people who have just stopped for no apparent reason, shufflers that you just can’t get past no matter which way you try to overtake them. Then there is the coffee break stop, the place looks like a refugee camp busting at the seams, with people and all their wordly goods clogging up the walkways, we opted for a table service option, quieter because you pay more, yep that’s fine by me. Hubby had a full English but was disappointed to find that a sausage was not included although it said on the menu it was, he becomes a dog that won’t let go of the raggy toy, excuse me, I thought I was supposed to have a sausage? I’m sorry sir I don’t know why you haven’t, by this time he has eaten most of the breakfast, it doesn’t matter he says. I finish my mocha and toast and we go to pay, I didn’t get a sausage he pipes up (I thought It didn’t matter?) I leave him to pay and wander off, he catches up with a broad smile as they have given him some compensation in the way of cake, personally if it was me, I would have given him a sausage! 

Carry on wandering and trying to fight through swathes of shoppers and in the end decide enough is enough, time to make our way home, the roads are nice and clear on the way out as we smile pityingly at the line of traffic still waiting to get in, should have got up earlier, hubby smirks. 

Did I get what I went for, not really, I ended up with stuff I didn’t even know I needed, by the time we get home, the dogs have their legs crossed and it’s as cold indoors as it is out because we weren’t there to light the Rayburn 😔 Make a cuppa, eat the free cake, at this point I’m glad it’s not a sausage, hubby lights the fire, feeds the animals and does the eggs while I make a sandwich and put stuff away. There ends my foray into the yearly crush and crunch that is Christmas Shopping, back to online shopping for me 😋


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