Rain, rain and more rain ☔️ 

Monday: A new week 😀 the weather forecast for this week looks awful but will shall wait and see what happens, so far this morning it’s mild with a threat of rain but so far so good. I began worming the chickens this morning, I have to do it over a seven day period and try not to forget otherwise I waste my time. The ducks I decided not to do because I need to ‘do’ the drakes and I don’t want that in the system, it’s perfectly fine to eat the eggs from wormed birds but not sure about the meat and so I will leave them a while, they live separately so it’s not a problem. A week today the quail should start hatching I need to remember to get some chick crumb for them before then so will put it on the list. Everything is laying like billyo and we have plenty of eggs of every kind, hopefully with pancake day tomorrow they will sell well today. On my way round this morning I noticed that some of the panes of glass are very loose on my greenhouse, I need to get back out there straight away to secure them, the winds are still gusting every now and then and I don’t want to lose them. I need to make bread today and I plan to make some rolls to got with leek and potato soup I’m going to make, well that’s the plan anyway. The plan was well executed 😀 we also had apple and strawberry crumble for pudding, I thought I had got raspberries out, but I was quite excited when I realised they were strawberries, a different but hopefully yummy combination. 

Tuesday: Horrid day, cold and wet yuk, John is off work today with a bang to the eye he suffered yesterday he can’t open either of them and I have Mia later on. Got the animals done, Jack, the horse is staying in today as the farrier is coming to give him his routine pedicure later 😝 Shelleys birthday today and she is doing a stack of pancakes later yum, meanwhile she has come to collect a tray of eggs with Josh and managed to sell two trays to acquaintances which is great because they are stacking up! Charlie has a week off and she arrived with a birthday cake for shelley which we had with a cuppa, very nice, and Sam arrived with Mia, very rare we are all here together on a weekday 😀

Wednesday: After trying to persuade John to get his eye looked at yesterday he finally relented and went to the hospital this morning as it wasn’t getting any better. I stayed and did the animals while Shelley took him, then went round to visit my Mum who has this horrid virus. John finally got back from hospital around 2pm with iodine running down his cheek and ointment to put in it, turns out he has scratched the eyeball so will be off for a couple of days (getting under my feet).

Thursday: It would have been a lovely day to spend in the garden if it wasn’t for the cold wind today, I am longing for a warm, dry day so I can get started out there. In the meantime it’s the usual routine of feeding, watering, cleaning and egg collecting with not much else going on at all really. I didn’t even make bread today, I cheated and bought some when I went shopping 😝 I still have the remnants of this virus, my ear feels blocked and has been like that for three days, I’ve tried a number of things, Shelley found a list of ‘treatments’ on Google including, gargling with salt water, I managed to swallow a small amount and ended up retching, steaming the ear canal with tea tree oil, causing suction and of course good ole olive oil, all to no avail, it’s still there. The consequence of a blocked ear is that I can’t tell where sound is coming from it appears to come from a different direction, which is how I came to shout at the tack room door ‘are you locked in’ when I heard one of the liveries talking, only to realise she was stood to the side of me 😜

Friday: ☔️️☔️️☔️️ what a miserable day it is today! I scuttled round as fast as I could to get the animals done then came in and lit the fire. John went off to work this morning, probably shouldn’t have but the phone rings and people want their work done and so it is. My ear was clear this morning for a couple of hours thank goodness, it’s surprising how much it knocks you off your spot, I could think with a clear head and set about getting the spare room sorted out, it had become a dumping ground and was doing my head in, now it’s all ship shape and clean which is sadly pleasing. I found myself thinking that I had got stuck in a bit of a winter rut, waiting for the weather to change before I tackle anything outside in the garden, silly really as it could be like this for a few weeks yet and so I need to give myself a kick up the arse and just get on with what I can. The first job will be cleaning the greenhouse and getting it ready for using and then maybe cleaning the poly tunnels which have become green over the winter. Once I have washed them they should stay algae free and there is a lot of work I can be doing in the big one so crack on Dawn, crack on 😜 (although I did decide this is what I ought to do, my sub conscience decided otherwise and I stayed inside today 😛) 

One of the geese is starting to remain inside on the nest rather than coming out in the mornings, she does come out later but this is the beginning of her getting broody. Last year we lost a goose after she sat for the whole time, she lost a lot of weight and went downhill after the one egg hatched. I need to avoid anything like that happening this year but am not quite sure how to go about it, 4 geese and the gander share the shepherds hut and the gander is quite aggressive now, she will become more aggressive when she starts to sit permanently but I still need to get feed and water to her, I may need some armour, I may get John to make me a shield that might work. 

Saturday: A productive day, that’s what we like 😀 John went off to get feed while I did the feeding and watering, then John cleared up various items from the front paddock, electric fencing broken branches from the wind etc while I made two separate areas for the geese to nest in and put up a feeding trough inside so that they will eat while sitting. Then I went into the poly tunnel for a couple of hours weeding (happy chickens with buckets of chickweed) and sowing, beetroot, spring onions, radish and lettuce ( I have started using seed tapes for lettuce and spring onions and they are very successful ) while John cleaned out the duck house and the pond and cleaned all the bowls and boat that they splash in. After that John went off to get a bit of shopping while I lit the fire, then feeding again and time to feed ourselves, which was a fish pie made by Morrisons today as I ran out of time to cook anything. There was a gloriously vivid double rainbow 🌈 accompanied by some very dark moody skies, quickly followed by a downpour when we went out, then 10 minutes later the sun was shinning again ☀️ Really wanted to get more done in the tunnel today but there is only so much time you can spend on your knees at my age 😝

Had Mia for her first sleep over, took her to see Gan Gan and Grampy Ken now gone to bed nicely let’s hope she doesn’t wake in the night lol. 

Sunday: what a awful morning weather wise, absolutely tipping down, luckily we have a little ray of sunshine indoors with Mia which means John is on outdoor duty 😜 I checked the incubator today and took out the division bars that hold the eggs all in place, we have a least one chick that has pipped, fingers crossed for more later on. I went to the local garden centre with the intention of buying two hardy fuchsias for the boxes in the front of the gateway but couldn’t find any, the only thing we purchased was tea and cake 😝 Back home I looked on the internet and found a great deal for 20 so decided to buy those and will bring them on and then sell the other 18 at the farm gate hopefully. When I was at college doing gardening many years ago a lecturer once told us that you will end up begrudging paying garden centre prices when you can grow things from seed or cuttings and he was absolutely right! I look at flowers and think, I could grow three times as many for a third of the price hence only purchasing tea and cake, although we could have had that at home for a fraction of the cost too but you got to have some fun 😜The rain showers were intermittent today, some of them quite hefty, the sun was quite strong though so there is light at the end of the winter tunnel. Egg sales have been manic today, we have restocked the shed 3 times this morning, goodness knows why but whoop whoop. 

If you look you can just see Mr Sparrow sat on top of the bird box guarding it’s precious contents 🐦 


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