Short and sweet 

Monday: I thought I was doing really well this morning, John is off for the week to do farm stuff providing he doesn’t get endless phone calls 😜 and we were up for an early start. The weather is a bit crap for July and Dad is visiting so I thought I will get some braising steak in the slow cooker and get some bread made then go out and sort the animals. Came back in and the bread timer pinged but the bread dough was still flat, muppet, I have forgotten to put the yeast in, that will teach me not to rush around trying to multitask! I have now added the yeast given it another knead and we will see if it responds, if not I will have to start again. Well the bread did rise so that was good, I also decided to make some more courgette and chocolate cake and I make courgette and potato soup for lunch which was quite delicious.

John is doing well on the task in hand and we got the cement mixer out and mixed up some concrete for the base of the new run but ran out of ballast, to be fair we were using some left over in a tonne bag and it didn’t go as far as we hoped so will have to get some more to finish it off. He was digging holes for the posts and came across a fair few bottles in the ground, plenty of bottle dumps around here as it used to be part of the military camp, most were broken, however one was fully intact and it still has the stopper a rare find indeed, I googled the company and they are still brewing ale today. The area he is digging in has some foundations either from a path or from the old Nissan huts that were once in the front paddocks, or as dad tells me the latrines were also here 😜

Tuesday: A good day weatherwise but we are forecast heavy showers tomorrow so need to get as much done as possible, I had Mia but she fell asleep in the pushchair after her lunch so I was able to take her into the garden and do some dividing up of plants that are going over such as Solomans Seal and Diacsia, I did some Lilly of the Valley and the Tete a Tete daffy earlier in the season.

Wednesday: The showers are here 💦 saves me watering the garden but it’s difficult to get much else done, John worked until he was soaked. I ordered some bantam eggs online as I can’t seem to find any point of lays within an hours drive, so I have set up the Incy again, only trouble is that the automatic pump packed up on it so I will have to monitor the humidity and hope I get it right. I did try moving a broody hen into the rabbit house with her own hut but the minute I put her in there she decided not to sit any longer 😜 bloody typical. I have tried in the past leaving them where they are but the other hens always want to get in and lay in the same place causing problems and broken eggs. 

Feeling a bit stressed today as the job in hand is not moving as quickly as I would really like and if it doesn’t get finished before John goes back to work that will be another half done job and we have plenty of those. 

Made some bread and prepped some runner beans for the freezer, I really need to sort the freezers out as everything just get put on the top and I can never find what I’m looking for. I saw an idea using a felt tip and writing on the top what is in there, I might have to implement this ideas somehow. 

Thursday: The new rabbit/guinea pig run was finally finished to day and I think they like it 😀 certainly much more space for them to run around in than their little cages, nice and secure, wind proof and with a roof, life of Riley! I too, them some weeds to celebrate and all is well, hopefully as they have not all lived together before. Most of the morning was spent finishing that off and tidying up then John and I went for afternoon tea at ten Crazy Bear Farm Shop, a nice little getaway afternoon that Charlie and Macca got us for Christmas, delicious and we bought some goods from the farm shop to bring home for supper later. 

Saw Josh for the first time since Monday as he has been poorly, he went to hospital in an ambulance on Monday night with croup, he still has a really raspy voice bless him but still smiling. 

Friday: Dad and Sue decided to stay on for a couple of days more for my birthday weekend, in the afternoon we tried to put the gazebos up. First one was ok though a little blowy, the second frame went up and then we tried to get the roof cover on and a gust of wind took us all up up and away, bent poles the lot so we abandoned that for the day lol. 

Saturday: Today the family are coming over for a picnic in the paddock with sack races, egg and spoon races, aunt Sally and a bit of dancing. Hope the weather is kind to us as it’s been crap ever since the kids broke up for summer hols😜 We had a good few hours in the dry but the rain came on in the early evening, luckily we had cleaned up the back covered area just in case and so retreated into there until late evening. A good time was had by all 😀

Sunday: Today is my birthday, John did the animals while I cleared up some of the remnants of the night before, then I opened my presents and cards ♥️ did a bit more clearing up 😝 the girls came over with the grandchildren and Martin, Sam cooked me a bit of dinner, and that was pretty much it for the day. 


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