A power cut, pies and CHRISTMAS 🎄

Monday: Animals all done I decided to get started on trying a pork pie except that I’d forgotten to get the trotters out of the freezer to make the jelly, never mind the pork needs cutting and mixing with herbs etc and leaving overnight to soak up the flavours apparently so I will do it in stages. Lit the Rayburn earlier this morning and got on with jobs, sat down with a coffee and thought that smells a bit hot, go in the kitchen and I haven’t moved the lever over to heating so flames are now going up the chimney and that’s not good, shut down the spin wheel, shut down the thermostat, shut down the flue damper and hope for the best 😝 Normally I have a perfectly executed routine, got it wrong this morning and after a slight panic the flue temp begins to go back down thank goodness 😅

Made some leek and potato soup and put a lamb shoulder in the slow cooker

Went out in the afternoon to do the feeding and collect eggs came in made a cuppa and the electric went off! Bloody brilliant, phone the electric board yep it won’t be back on until 8pm, not such a problem except that the fire is well stoked and the heat building up in it has nowhere to go, panic, shut everything down click it over to cook open the oven door and the top plates and hope that is dies down quick enough to lose the heat that is building. I have 6% on my phone battery, next to nothing on my vape, I can’t start the generator, next door phoned to say she needs to use the paddock that the boughs have come down in tomorrow morning so they need clearing and John has gone off to fix the pump of a little old lady who has no heating bearing in mind the temps are due to plummet dramatically tonight ( at this point I should insert a round of expletives but I’m trying not to stress 😝😜😛) Thank f**k for good old fashioned candles and a lighter, at least I can see where I’m going. It’s still warm enough in the house obviously as all the heat is coming out of the oven 🤣🤣 but I really hope they get it fixed by 8 or it will be twenty layers of clothing to wear to bed. And today is one of the very reasons I began writing a blog, so I can look back and laugh (oh how I will laugh, probably, one day, maybe) One consolation, it’s pretty sitting in the dark with candles although most of them are scented and the mix of perfume is a little heady 😏

While I still have battery on my iPad I may as well keep typing after all there is nothing else to do, how the hell the women did cross stitch in medieval times by candle and firelight I will never know and I have a new found respect for anyone that lived pre electricity, that would be not only a long night (it is pitch black outside and only 5pm) but a very long winter to boot. Although I am imagining now that when the lights etc all come back on it will be an attack of the senses to begin with, a blip, then glare and beeping noises all around, not sure which one I prefer, get away, obviously I prefer the convenience of modern life but it’s nice to take time out even if it’s forced upon you. It’s very quiet also, not a sound, except the ringing in my ears that is tinnitus of course which is also why I like a bit of noise going on usually. I’m rambling now, it’s the loneliness 😂 it’s dark (very) it’s quiet (very) and there is no one else here except me, now my mind is working overtime because that could be the very opening scene of a horror movie, doesn’t help that I caught up with an episode of The Walking Dead today 😩 hurry home John, if you can’t find me I will be huddled in the back of the wardrobe, hiding from I don’t know what 😝

Note to self: try starting the generator in the daylight on a day when you don’t need it that way you will be prepared for when you do!

The evening hardly went much better, it was Johns Mums Birthday so we needed to get over to see her, temperatures had plummeted and the roads were treacherous to say the least, we stopped at Shelley’s on the way and charged my phone, the vape stick was charging in the van on the way there. We were going to go in the car which I couldn’t really understand as John had used the van all day it was defrosted and he was able to get it out, the car on the other hand was still covered in a layer of snow including the roof which I made him get off before I would get in it, however the car was not going anywhere it refused to move over the lumpy snow so we got in the van, picked Shelley up and went to Johns Mums. Stopped for a cuppa when we dropped her back off and then set off on the icy roads home, it was a slow but successful journey. Up to this point we had no dinner as the lamb was in the slow cooker and the electric was off when we left, luckily by the time we got home it was back on but the lamb was cold, so there was one sausage and two rashers of bacon in the fridge we dined on those lol, but the bread I had made the other day was now mouldy 😜, oh what a day. I made sure that we charged the torch and the phones, vape, and the back up charger pack just in case the electric goes off again anytime soon, I will make bread in the morning and hopefully tomorrow will run more smoothly 😀

Tuesday: A brand new day 😀 still snow covered and in fact more treacherous than yesterday as the temperatures plummeted down to around -7 the back roads are lethal it’s like an ice rink in the lane. I wrapped up warm, wool socks, iso therm wellies, 2pairs of gloves, a woolly hat and a long feather filled coat I was given, even after a couple of hours outside I was still toasty and warm even my toes 😀 Managed to get water done last night so only had to break the ice this morning, I also fed the wild birds again although I still need to put water out for them. Someone got stuck in the driveway entrance so went to help push them out, they were abandoning their mission and going back home, sensible plan.

Then I did a mammoth session in the kitchen, 4 dozen mince pies, give or take one or two for quality control purposes 😝 most will be frozen otherwise they won’t last long with John around! Two pork pies, I followed the recipe and it was not too hard but I didn’t seem to have enough pastry for all the meat mix I had so I quickly made more pastry, they are still cooking at the moment and the trotters are on the Rayburn hopefully making the gelatine that will go inside when they are cooled. I have no idea how they are going to taste or turn out but I wanted to try. I also made bread while I was at it and both ovens were going flat out in a round robin of things in and things out. The lamb from yesterday is back on in the slow cooker and smells amazing today.

Wednesday: Seems like a long week lol, before I went to bed last night I tested the jelly that will go into the pork pies, not setting so I heated it up with some gelatine and put it in the fridge to see if it will set this time. Success, so I reheat it to thin it and wait for it to cool and fill the pork pies and put them back in the fridge to set, I sure hope they taste good for all the faffing, I probably won’t try again but wanted to give it a go at least once. The trotters that were supposed to make the jelly went to the dogs, I did read up about using them but most agree that you need to heavily flavour with herbs etc for them to be palatable, the dogs were happy 😀 After doing the rounds which was a precarious affair because it’s part ice, part snow and part mush, I took the unprecedented decision to close the driveway to customers until it’s safe to walk on. I almost went arse over tit more times than I can count on both hands and can’t risk egg customers falling over. I would have got the shovel out but as I said a lot of it is still solid ice and I would be chipping away for hours so easier to stop people coming in until later when hopefully it will clear.

So the first thing that happens is a customer decided to ignore the notice and come in anyway! It’s entirely at you own risk I say rather rattled that they have chosen to ignore my notice 😤

Thursday: Did the morning rounds, a bit of floor cleaning while I was at it, although it’s difficult to clean the floors when the hens won’t venture out very far I did manage to get most of it done. Then it was time to get lots of little things done that have been nagging me, clear out and tidy the food cupboard, the ironing pile, put the rest of the nuts out for sale which frees up the side in the back room ready for Christmas goodies, generally putting stuff away and checking what presents I still need to get 😝 turns out quite a few! I am way behind this year not helped by the snow and the ice interruption, the ice is still making the driveway tricky but we have had a few customers today so hopefully the cars going over it will break it up a bit. Did the afternoon feed and collected the eggs (still poor in numbers even though I have wormed them) got some dry wood in for the fire, put some more rat poison down, darn things are still around.

I did think I wouldn’t achieve much today as my hands and elbow were giving me problems last night and this morning but after popping a few ibrufen they were fine thank goodness as I don’t have time for bits of me not to work 😜

I bought a second hand fridge yesterday as other little built in one is not big enough for ‘occasions’ like Christmas and Charlie and Macca will be moving back in at the end of January to save a bit more for a deposit on a house so we need extra fridge space. John kindly picked it up but deposited it in the driveway this morning from the van declaring it was to slippery to carry it across, I waited all day and by 5pm I had waited long enough so I dug out the old heavy sack truck, which was heavier than the actual fridge, and proceeded to huff and puff across the ice and get the fridge in the back where it is going to go. My point is twofold, first a moan that I am always last on his list while he is out rescuing people from their plumbing woes and secondly I’m not the type of woman who ‘can’t do it’ I have to reassure myself of that from time to time 😜 although I will leave it to him to level up the feet, after all he is used to lying on the floor to ‘fix’ stuff!

Friday: A cold wind this morning to go with the half frozen half slush ground 😜 I did the rounds and cleaned out the ducks in the process, then cleaned out the geese after everything else was done.

After the afternoon feeding which I did a bit earlier today it was time to go round and meet the others to surprise Mum with mince pies, mulled wine and a rendition of We wish you a merry Christmas on her return from Australia 🎄🎄

Saturday: Got the rounds done quickly and early in order to go and do the dreaded Christmas shopping 🛒 not many folks about at 9am so that’s good we rattled round and picked up a tree then back home by 12.30 😀

John went off to pick up some corn as we had run out and then set about the tree boughs when he returned home. I did the afternoon feeding and discovered the damn rabbits have dug out again, honestly they find the tiniest bit of earth and excavate the escape routes. Down tools John we have to get these back in, except by dark we couldn’t find one of them so she is going to have to take her chances in the ‘wild’ 😜 I really need to get their floor sorted but it’s a big run and consequently a big task not made any easier by the fact I can’t shut them in anywhere, but its getting ridiculous and needs to be a priority, but so are the tree boughs and Christmas preparations 😝

Sunday: Apart from quickly helping John this morning with the rounds I have mostly been ‘doing christmas’ the tree is up, half the presents wrapped and a bit of cleaning done, just got a few more presents to buy and some more to wrap and I will be ready, well that side of it anyhow. We have guests over the holiday period so got to have everything in hand or I shall be preoccupied.

John was busy all day outside, cleaning both the front and the back chickens, a bit more on the chainsaw with the trees, helping me get the Christmas tree in and standing upright etc.

I think I will end the blog here for this year, all that remains for me so say is thank you for reading and have a VERRY MERRY FESTIVE SEASON and I will see you on the other side 😜


Snow, heavy snow and breakages 😩

Thursday: After a few days away, which was a fabulous little break with plenty of eating and drinking, fine company and interesting ports, the first day back got off to a good start. I had forgotten to order straw before I left and quickly sent a text on the evening we returned to the farmer that supplies us and he turned up this morning with two big round bales, however he did tell me that he has over sold this year and that these were the last two bales he has 😝 I had also forgotten that we have a shortage of straw in this region so that might be interesting later on in the Winter, until then the two bales will keep us going for a couple of months hopefully. Before he delivered them I needed to get the area tidied up as the chickens have been scratching it about all over the place, I filled up two dump bags of the stuff that was all over the floor, I will save that for the duck/goose house, waste not want not. Then Mia and Sam arrived but I still needed to go out and feed the rabbits and top their beds and run up with hay as snow is predicted this afternoon. We all got our winter gear on and chopped up some apples and parsnip, loaded the trolley with feed and Mia sat in the back and went off to the rabbit run, on the way through I dug up two celeriac to give the rabbits as well. I stuck the fork back in the ground but misjudged and caught my big toe which made me yelp, while we were in the run the snow began to come down, just a little at first then a big flurry of it, Mia did laugh at first but the more it settled on her the less she laughed, got that done quickly and went back indoors to get the Rayburn lit. Shelley FaceTimed so that Josh could tell us about the snow and we told her our little story and included the fork in the foot bit, I took my shoe off to have a look and there was blood all over my sock, took my sock off and had a lovely cut right across the bottom of my toe, obviously it had gone through, I didn’t think it had, at this point I was more annoyed that I will have a hole in my wellies 😜 I shall have to get John to silicone it up or they won’t last the Winter.

Not sure what happened to Friday and Saturday lol, lots of the usual things to do and catch up with washing, shopping etc.

Sunday: Oh a different day altogether, you probably noticed we had a lot of snow overnight, that means a fair bit of work to do. Firstly none of the birds want to come out so water and feed needs to go to them inside, the ducks ventured out and the geese but none of the hens. The main thing we first noticed was the cracking and falling of tree boughs, not just the odd one but a fair few of them all over the place, luckily you get an audible warning ⚠️ . The weight of the snow means that the greenhouse roof and the poly tunnels needed sweeping off and any other flat roofs like the point of lay house and the rabbit run. The snow has also collapsed my fruit cage into a heap, you will remember that we were saying it needed re doing but thought it might last another season, nope, it’s over 😝 Wet clothing means dripping clothing once we come inside so the Rayburn is lit early to dry everything out, my feet are frozen and so for the first time this year, slippers go on as well, typically because of my poorly toe I can’t get my iso therms on just when I needed to most 😜

Unbelievably egg customers are still turning up this morning and actually cleared out the shed, one arrived with a big pile of snow on the roof of the car! If I didn’t have to go out on foot I certainly wouldn’t let alone in a vehicle.

Spent most of the day indoors watching tv lol a rare occurrence indeed, just out again to feed in the afternoon, collect eggs and then put away at dark.

Monday morning: Still a heavy layer of snow though it is melting, I took a shovel and dug away the snow in paths so that the hens would at least come outside even if they don’t venture very far.

This is my fruit cage 😝

The middle picture is of the paddock and one of my fave things, unadulterated snow on the ground, nothing more beautiful than that I reckon.

This is just one of the boughs that have gone and there are a fair few more, I would have said it’s because we cut the other trees down around it but we have untouched trees that stand on their own where the boughs have snapped inside the canopy. We will need to be very careful of those in any windy weather we get as we won’t get the audible warning again they will just come down.

A six foot fence, a big fat fox and carpet grippers!

Monday: Another week begins and we had rain overnight, the temperature has gone up and I’m sweating doing the rounds this morning, gotta love this country when one day is nearly always different to the next and nothing to do with the weather is ever a dead cert!

On my way round I looked for the bantam, nowhere to be seen which is a worry, I suspect a John saw a different one eating and this one was still hunched up somewhere and didn’t go inside at night, a worry because it means something has been able to get in a take her, bearing in mind it’s a six foot fence all the way round that’s not good.

Cleaned the floor of the back pen and by the looks of it there is no more rat activity at the back either, maybe we are winning the battle, as I have said before it’s not huge but even one or two rats causes a problem with egg/food stealing. This time of year eggs are few and far between as it is without them being stolen, the daylight hours or lack of them, affect the egg numbers drastically and we are almost at a stage when we will begin to sell out each morning again, roll on 21st December when the nights begin to draw back out.

Having had a couple of days when we can walk around the frozen ground without getting muddy we are back to slop this morning, slippery slop that’s they only way to describe it and you gotta be sure on your feet otherwise over you go.

John and I are off on a mini break to Belgium and Amsterdam next week so I need to make sure everything is up together and that all will run smoothly when Shelley, Martin and Josh are here looking after the place, it’s a little bit easier in the winter months, well not so manic at least, the hardest job will be keeping the Rayburn going especially if the temps drop again.

Cleaned out the quail and put the large rabbit run back to normal after fencing a piece off for the baby rabbits, I’m a bit concerned about what is getting into the orchard pen though, the bantams are shut in at night but the mesh is quite flimsy so I think I’m going to have to go out and beef it up somehow.

Tuesday: Last night I set the camera and after getting the morning rounds finished I had a look at what if anything I captured, I was right something was getting in, a big fat fox! It is scaling the six foot fence and we have a plan in place to try and stop it being able to, the orchard will look like stalag 17 but hopefully it will stop it otherwise drastic measures will be taken.

I made the cranberry and orange sauce with my 5p cranberries lol, it’s now in the freezer and will be a great accompaniment for cold meats on Boxing Day.

Wednesday: ‘The North wind doth blow and we shall have snow’ I don’t know about that but the wind is certainly blowing from the North it feels perishing out there this morning, a red face and runny nose morning. The proverbial Robin should be fine as I keep topping up the bird feeders for him and his friends. I saw two deer grazing in the field behind our back paddocks this morning, that always lifts my spirits and makes me smile, their heads keep bobbing up from eating just to make sure there is nothing threatening close by.

Both yesterday and today I have lit the Rayburn early in the morning to ward off the chill that the wind is bringing with it, it gets a bit toasty at some points of the day but I’d rather that than shivering.

The ducks have been free ranging everyday for about two months now so next years slugs should be well and truly taken care of, to start with thy didn’t venture far and now they are getting all over the garden and side paddocks, as a result they are laying really well which is more than can be said for the hens! We are in the shortest daylight hours now which profoundly affects the number of eggs laid, we don’t keep them under an artificial light as it’s not very natural and messes with their body clocks, sometimes when we are running out of eggs daily we think about doing it but to be honest I’d rather not, customers will just have to wait until the egg laying gets back to full strength. It is surprising how many customers don’t realise the above fact so I have now put an explanation on the board, they want free range because of the welfare and with it comes natural living and a drop in available eggs 😜

Made lemon buttered cod for dinner and a self saucing chocolate pud that I saw on tv (save money: good food) last night yum.

I also ordered a proving basket from my fav online outlet store, when I make bread, which is every other day, I generally prove it free form but sometimes it spreads a bit too much making a shallow loaf which is okay for toast but not so good for a decent sandwich so I thought it was about time I had an authentic basket to do it in 😀

Thursday: Another cold start, luckily I got John to fill up all the water buckets yesterday afternoon so I only needed to break the ice this morning. By the time I had finished the rounds my toes were hurting even though I had thick socks on. The sun is set to make an appearance though so at least things will thaw out even if the temperatures remain cold. My proving basket arrived last night so I will make the first loaf of bread in it today, it needs ‘seasoning’ beforehand, basically wet it slightly and sprinkle flour in it, shake it around and let it dry, once it is, it’s ready to use. Or rather it would have been if my dough had risen on the first proving, it didn’t! So google to the rescue and find out how to remedy the situation, put the dough in an oven or microwave with a cup of hot water and hopefully the steam will activate the yeast. Normally I use fast acting but I didn’t have any so I used the one that you have to mix with water and sugar to get it going, it’s obviously on strike, fingers crossed the steam works 😜

Made a banana bread with the ones going over and that’s cooking in the Rayburn as I type.

Well the bread and steam didn’t work so I abandoned it, not entirely as I have baked it, the ducks will eat it even if it’s dense, I will have to get some more easy yeast and stick to what I know lol.

Friday: Slightly warmer today but not much, the wind is still biting. Did the usual stuff, not much else going on today in terms of the farm.

Saturday: John did the rounds then went off to stock up on feed while I packed the suitcase for our few days away. “Ive had a shave and haircut and got a battery for my watch” said John, great you’re all ready to go then, I will do the rest! Looking forward to a break and a not doing the cooking and cleaning, not trudging round in the mud 😀 Shelley is in charge 😀

When I get back it will be directly into Christmas mode, presents to shop for, food to prepare 😝

We had a few last minute bright ideas to put into place before we go, one is to get carpet gripper to go on top of the fence that the fox is jumping, presumably he is landing on the top and not clearing right over it, anyway he will get a bit of a shock if that’s the case 😝 secondly we decided as the egg numbers have dropped drastically we would worm the birds (should have done it earlier but didn’t 😛) it takes seven days and obviously we won’t be here for some of them so I have now prepared 7 buckets of medicated feed to be given in the afternoons. And we came up with an ideal plan so shelley doesn’t have to go in with the geese, she is six months pregnant and not as agile as normal so won’t be able to nip past them readily, problems solved hopefully and hopefully the egg numbers will go back up though I’m still convinced it’s to do with daylight hours and not worms, we shall see.

I’m off to the cinema with Charlie tonight and then relax for a few days.

Rouge ferret, sad goodbyes and an eco egg.

Monday PM: Just got back from my away day with the girls and a fabulous time was had by all of us 😀

Update on the Guinea pig versus ferret episode:

Saturday night, I heard the guinea pig squealing at around 10pm went out with a torch to see a ferret chewing on his neck, the ferret disappeared quickly and I got the pig out and bought him in to do some first aid on him and put him in a box out the back for the night.

Sunday morning I got an old cage, cleaned it up and put the guinea pig in there to get better, the damage surprisingly was not to bad just superficial. Bearing in mind I was due to go away it was all hands to the pump to set a live trap and try to catch this ferret otherwise it would be starting on my rabbits and bantams! John called later in the day to say it had been caught, though I never got to see it, it was obviously a pet as it was quite tame and must have been on the run for a while as it was also underweight and had lice.

Back to Monday: John has done a sterling job looking after everything albeit only for 24 hrs lol, it’s still a big responsibility 😀 and decisions have to be made and he has booked Kai in to see the vet for tonight. Kai has been off his food for nearly a week, is limping and is reluctant to leave his bed, these are not good signs, if he has a temperature and needs antibiotics that will be he best outcome, if it’s not that then it’s more serious and we will be saying goodnight to him.

Well he returned with Kai and he has had a shot of painkiller and antibiotic although the vet could not find anything obvious wrong with him except the tenderness he is feeling in his front leg. However he needs to eat in the morning, if he doesn’t he is not going to get any better and an appointment has been made for tomorrow night just in case.

Tuesday: Obviously my first thought for the day was to feed Kai and see if we can get him to eat, success, he seems a little perkier and has eaten a bowl of wet food, the call to cancel the appointment can be made and we can pick up some more medication. It doesn’t mean he is out of the woods yet though, if the meds don’t help him to improve then we are back to square one and decision time so fingers crossed. He is twelve this coming year, which doesn’t seem old but it is for a husky and he has lived outside all his life and so is bound to suffer with his joints more readily than a house dog. We bought him indoors yesterday evening until his appointment but it is clear that it’s unfair on him to change his surroundings, especially when it’s a lot warmer than he is used to.

As for the rest of the morning, the guinea pig is doing well and I was going to put him back with the rabbit BUT on my morning rounds I found a dead baby bunny, one of the ones that had escaped and we hadn’t been able to catch. A bit of detective work and I could see that it had been bitten out in the paddock as there was a patch of fur, it has then made a dash for the orchard pen as it can get through the pheasant wire and died in there. Question is, what has bitten it in the first place? Possibly a fox has tried to catch it or we maybe have more than one ferret on the premises so I have reset the live trap to see if anything else is caught. Always something 😜 The chickens, ducks and geese are all tickety boo thank goodness. I filled up the wild bird feeders and have turned on the wildlife camera to see if I can get some footage of how many there are and what type.

The wildlife camera in the day was a disaster the only footage I got was of me opening and closing it! I will try again maybe at dusk.

Kai seems to have made quite a remarkable recovery, he is back to barking, wolfing his dinner down (with the meds in) and hardly limping, fingers crossed it stays like that.

Wednesday: The weather continues to be mild which makes going outside pleasant enough and at least the wind is drying things up a little.

Not much on the to do list today, Mia arrived and did a bit of baking, a crazy, wacky chocolate cake, no eggs, no dairy so great for Josh to share when he arrived later in the morning.

Put some more rat bait down when I put the birds to bed and that was pretty much it, just as well as the weather has turned quite foul out there, the wind was blowing a hoolie all night long. Went out to get a bit of shopping after dark and saw two tiny baby deer on the side of the road, goodness knows what they were doing out and hopefully Mum was not far away.

Thursday: The wind is still going, though not so fierce, got the morning rounds done, cleaned out the smaller rabbit run and the girl baby rabbit cage while I was at it. Then inside to make some bread, I made whole meal the other day but it was a bit like lead lol so gone back to white with a bit of whole meal flour mixed in as I now need to use it up. John came home at lunchtime and cut up some of the wood mountain 😝 while I cleaned and tidied up the boot room a little, it gets so dusty and cluttered in there that it needs a sort now and again.

I heard or read a saying ‘a story told is a life lived’ that has stuck with me all week (I googled it and it was from Outlander!) For some reason it struck a chord with me and I am glad to be able tell my daily story albeit a cutting room floor version, trust me you wouldn’t want the full blown ‘life of Dawn’ version, to start with it would take a week to read and secondly I would probably get a lot of hate mail due to the sarcastic tone I would inevitably adopt 😜 Maybe one day under a pseudonym, invitation only, those who have a strong mind and a sense of humour 😉

I did the afternoon feeding and John did the putting to bed, ‘put the grey bin out and feed the dog’ I tagged in as he was going out of the door, 34 years and the training is only just kicking in 😁

The temperature has dropped rapidly outside tonight so looks like a cold start tomorrow morning, I follow a page called Reality Weather which looks at very long range forecast and the movements of weather fronts, blockages etc, we might be in for an extremely cold and prolonged snap either this winter or next, yep that’s how long range it is, they can’t tell exactly because it depends on how the fronts move but it seems there is some unusual movement going on in the Northern hemisphere which will eventually wreak havoc! I look forward to that 😝 and in the light of the information I will make sure we are well stocked up in wood and food just in case 😀

Friday: My rounds took longer than usual this morning, firstly I checked on Herbie the guinea pig and his eyes had closed over so I got him out and bathed them, happily they are now open and he looks fine. He is still on the sick ward out the back, apart from his eyes he seems ok still eating and drinking and no sign of infection in fact his neck has healed well though it does look like leather it will probably restore given time. Then it was onto the routine stuff, cleaning out the ducks on the way round, when I let the bantams out in the orchard I noticed one was not looking well, hunched and not running for food like the others. I picked her up and immediately could feel that her crop was full, this should not happen, in the morning a hens crop should be empty as the food they have eaten the day before should have been digested overnight. The first step is to massage the crop to loosen the compaction, then hold the hen upside down and continue massaging, gravity will help to move the obstruction, sure enough though it took about ten minutes, a smelly mess began to appear from her beak, I began to gently pull it to help it along it was a mix of straw and grain. Young chickens can be a bit stupid and eat anything, this one has decided straw might be good, it’s not, and that is what has caused the blockage. I bought her in and I gave her some kefir by syringe, a delicate job as you can accidentally send the liquid into her lungs which would be fatal. Then I made her some scrambled egg and put her in the dog cage in the back room with some water, I can’t make her eat but hopefully she will pick up enough to want to eat. The kefir is a fermented coconut drink which I happen to be taking at the moment, it is full of good bacteria and hopefully will help to process anything left in the crop. The rest of the rounds went with out incident 😀

I have said before that I could do with a little hospital corner, a couple of purpose built in cages that are easily accessible so that anything poorly can be monitored with ease, may put that one on the to do list.

Did some tidying and putting away in the back area, another dumping ground that needs doing every now and then, and then got the bantam out to repeat the upside down massage, not much in there now but she still hasn’t eaten or drunk anything so unless she does she will probably got into heart failure if she is not already on the way.

Had a discussion about Kai this afternoon, although initially he picked up a little, there has been no improvement and this afternoon he started growling at me when I tried to get him up, he has a course of meds and painkiller and we will finish those and see what happens but it’s not looking good he should have improved a fair bit by now.

John came home early and cut up some more of the wood mountain 😝 I put the front birds to bed and he did the back lot, it was bloody freezing even then so we also did the water ready for the morning and there was ice in the hosepipe already brrrrr. I have been putting rat poison down each time the last lot disappears, which it is going alarmingly fast, this time of year they are looking for an easy feed and somewhere dry to sleep, right under the hen house is ideal but I’m determined to knock them on the head quickly.

I bought an eco washing egg, I looked at the reviews and thought I would give it a try, it probably won’t be so good on heavily soiled garments but on normal day to day wear it should be fine, they last for 720 washes apparently and obviously kinder to the environment in terms of chemicals, packaging reduction and general manufacturing, I hope they are good, I will let you know.

Saturday: It’s only 10am and we have had a proper morning of it, had to call the vet to book Kai in today as he is not eating again, this will be his final appointment 😩 and you don’t realise how it affects you until you try to talk to the receptionist on the phone 😪 The Guinea pig has not made it, turns out there was infection under the skin, the bantam doesn’t look like she will make it but I have put her out with the others for today to see if being with them helps pick her up and something upset the horses all around and Jack cleared a 5ft fence into the next paddock! Roll on wine o’clock 😜

On the upside the girl baby rabbits went off to their new home this morning, in one fell swoop we have 4 less mouths to feed now one way or another.

I can’t settle to do the jobs needed, made bread, lit the fire, waiting for John to return with an empty collar and lead, I cried when I put him in the car, he has been an amazing dog, pulling John around the block on the skateboard for his daily exercise a few years back, keeping an eye on everything night and day, driving me mad with his yapping sometimes, he is irreplaceable.

I have just done the first wash with the eco egg and I have to say I’m quite impressed, it was a whites wash and the clothes look clean and fresh, fresher than usual, high hopes for this egg 😀 darks next and we we see how that comes out.

Sunday: A beautiful crisp, sunny but bloody cold morning! John went out and did the feed rounds and reported that there was a dead rat in the front chicken hut, that’s good at least we are managing to kill them off, well one at least 😝 I stayed inside and did a few small household tasks and then the biggy we had on the list today which is sweeping the flue and cleaning out the Rayburn. A very dirty job but very necessary as we don’t ever want a repeat of a chimney fire again, we clean it depending on the amount of use it has had and now was as good a time as any.

I have done three washes with the eco egg and I’m still pretty impressed I have to say, the clothes look fresh and clean, you can add conditioner if you want it to smell nice but I haven’t as yet as I can’t see the point, I’m in the minority camp of liking my bath towels rough not fluffy so I won’t even put some in when I wash those.

Last night was the first night without Kai and I woke up this morning thinking I had heard him bark, which of course I didn’t, makes me wonder how many times I had thought I heard him when he was here when really I didn’t, dreamt it maybe lol.

It remains cold into the afternoon and I am very reluctant to venture outside unless I have to, luckily John volunteered to do the afternoon feeding and collecting of eggs so I’m staying put in the warm, plenty of time for me to be doing it all next week. He said the bantam was eating with the others so at least she is still alive for now.

Steaming the pudding, more unwelcome visitors and cuddling a chicken

I picked up some reduced cranberries in the supermarket, had to be a bargain at only 5p 😀 I will probably use them to make a cranberry and orange sauce to go with cold meats at Christmas as we are not having turkey this year. I may pick up some more if they have any next week they will always be useful for making something different.

Monday: Cold start again today so I made sure I had thick socks on, plenty of layers 1and thick gloves as well. To give the hens a bit of heat I mixed in some poultry spice with their feed this morning. I make my own as it’s cheaper than buying the pots that you can buy, they contain turmeric, fenugreek, garlic and one other ingredient that I can’t remember at the minute, but I just looked on the pot and ordered bulk individual items and mixed them in a tub, it makes loads. Hopefully it might boost egg production which has dropped off considerably due to the lack of daylight hours and the cold temps. I did a bit of cleaning out of nest boxes as I went, that helps to keep the eggs clean and makes my job easier when I am boxing them up later in the day. I checked the baby rabbits and fed all the small animals, we now have five in there so one of the escapees has come back! The small garden birds have discovered the feeding station that now has bird seed in and judging by the excited chirping this morning they are very grateful. I am going to make a couple more seed holders as I only have one and there are a lot of birds, easily around 20 I would say and these are the ones living in and around the nest boxes (and gaps in the cladding)on the front of the house.

Then on to feed the dogs and give Kai’s kennel a clean out and give him a nice clean duvet for his bed for the colder months.

Inside then to light the Rayburn and the temperature is not going to go much above 4 degrees today ❄️ and I want to try and stay warm to see if it helps my hand problems, I think it does as yesterday they were fine until I had to go outside then all evening they were playing up.

I fed the Christmas cake some brandy and it will now be wrapped up and stored for a couple of weeks when I will get it out again and lace it with more brandy 😀

Tuesday: The day of epic boiling of the Christmas pudding, 8 hours of bubbling water to cook it so an early start is needed, and I better put the timer on as I will probably forget over the course of the day how long it has been in. Again I followed a Mary Berry ‘figgy pudding’ recipe. I made bread, leek and potato soup and some rock buns while I was at it. Had Mia from lunchtime and Shelley and Josh came for a visit, I can nip out and feed the hens and collect eggs while Shelley is here so that’s what I did. John came home in time to put the birds to bed and found a bag of live chickens dumped at the gateway! Going through the the cctv we could clearly see who it was and they are known to us so John will be calling in there tomorrow for a few stern words 😤 Clearly they don’t want to look after them so there is no point taking them back to him and after all it’s not the chickens fault, but there is the risk of contamination to my flock so they will all have to be wormed and de loused/mited just in case. Very unfair on us and the chickens.

On the upside I have found a home for any of the baby rabbits that are female so I just need to sex them and see how many that is, just the boys to find homes for as there are definitely both sex’s among them.

Wednesday was lost somewhere 😝

Thursday: I have a fair few jobs I want to get sorted today, the main one being separating the boy and girl rabbits! I’ll tell you though you couldn’t write this stuff, I went out and fed them caught the three up that are in the run I made, the others have escaped 😜 then I looked at the one in the guinea run, 2 boys, 2 girls great, I go off to prepare a separate hutch for the boys and when I get back I check the bunnies again in the run and remove the boy, go to get the one from the guinea hut and it’s gone!!! I’m sure it will be back but it means I don’t get the job done and dusted just yet. One of the babies died, I don’t know why, it was looking quiet yesterday, can’t see any obvious signs of anything but they have been getting out and so anything could have happened to it at some point. Just having a quick coffee then I have 10 sweet chestnut trees to decide what to do with. Some will be potted up for sale, some will be planted in the hedgerow.

Among many other jobs on the list today, the rat poison arrived so I needed to put that down just as it got dark, the rubbish needs to go out though I have no idea what colour week we are on 😝 had another look for the baby rabbit but that one is right under the hutch and I can’t reach it, meanwhile another is out in the paddock chomping on grass but I can’t find the net to catch it with.

Friday: ❄️ brrr very cold this morning! Did the rounds quickly lol, topped up the wild bird feeder as they will be hungry in this weather as well, thought about working outside but gave it a miss and did indoor stuff instead. Had a visitor drop in for a chat and as we were talking at the gate another egg customer pulled up, good job because two minutes later a very dodgy couple in a old van who couldn’t speak any English pulled up. They were trying to buy 1 chicken??? Well that was what they were gesturing but as I have said before you know when someone doesn’t seem right, the chap wouldn’t take no for an answer and I was grateful that there were others there with me, one took the registration number and the other wrote down directions to go and find chickens for sale, I don’t think they were real directions lol. They left and my visitor stayed around for 10 more minutes just to make sure they didn’t come back. With all the activity in the area at the moment you got to keep your wits about you 😜 As a consequence I am now spending every five minutes looking out of the window just in case, puts you right on edge. The egg customer came back twice, once to give me the reg number she had jotted down although I had already committed it to memory and then again to tell me they were still hanging round the village an hour later so they clearly didn’t head off to look for chickens for sale, at this point I rang 101 to report the incident just in case they were up to no good.

Saturday: The weather started off ok and slowly deteriorated 😟 John was away early this morning on an errand so it was just me manning the place. Did the morning rounds and found that something had attacked my guinea pigs and killed one of them, poor Stuart Little, Herbie the other one I bought in and tended his wounds which were superficial and purple sprayed him and put him back out, hoping that whatever it was doesn’t come back and if it does he can fend it off as I don’t have anywhere else for him to go. I’ve half a mind to think it was the baby boy rabbit that was in with them but he didn’t have any blood on him and the neck had been eaten out so looks like stoat maybe, if it was a rat they are usually only interested in food and there was some in the bowl. The boy rabbit has now been put in with the other boy, so now girls and boys are separate thank goodness, so we won’t have any mishaps!

We often have some strange customers and visitors as this week has already shown 😜 and today’s request did not let that custom down, ‘can I cuddle a chicken’ luckily it was John who was out there and he can be very obliging lol and so the lady’s request was granted 😝

The rain continued to come down and once I had finished the housework and John had finished outside we called it a day and watched a film in the warm and dry 😀

And that’s it for this week as I am off with the girls tomorrow morning for some great food, great drink, spa treatments, relaxation and general time out leaving John in charge for the time I’m away.

I haven’t got any photos this week and I was looking back through them to see if I could find one or two of general interest, what I decided was that I will do a blog just of past photos sometime next week, it’s interesting to look back at what we have done form year to year, keep your eyes peeled for that 😀

Naughty bunnies, rainy days and Winter celebrations. 

Monday: 3.30pm just sat down with a cuppa after a bit of a day, I’m back on a daily dose of painkillers at the minute, hands hurt, muscles hurt, pain in the arse, not literally but it’s difficult to get stuff done when bits of you won’t work properly! Anyhow, this mornings shocker was, wait for it, two more baby rabbits just born, although they were both dead, this means that the rabbits were getting out for longer than I had suspected. Did the feeding rounds then went and gave both the rabbits and Guineas a good clean out and I really needed to round up these babies that are getting behind the boarding and out into the field. Samantha and Mia came over mid morning and we set about trying to catch them by means of lying in wait for them one at a time, We caught two and caged them, by his time Mia was getting a bit bored so we decided to wait until after lunch when she had her nap, to finish the job. In the end we managed to round up 5 of them, one has a chunk missing from its ear and one has managed to get a wound on its back probably from scrabbling in and out of the small gap, two are still on the loose. We think one of them is now too big to get back through the gap and as it could be seen on the other side of the fence nibbling grass, if we don’t manage to catch it, it will have to fend for itself. This morning I had to turn the horse out without a rug on because I couldn’t do the fastenings, see these pains are really inconvenient, but as the sun was looking like it was coming out Jack didn’t mind too much, Sam mucked out the stable then did his field and put his rug back on and all is well again. I planted the pea and bean seeds I had growing on the windowsill and fingers crossed nothing will eat them 😜

Caught another one when I was putting the birds to bed, just one more to go.

Tuesday: Rainy day 😕 on and off rain so bad luck if you get caught like I did doing the afternoon feeding. I had a 10 minute window to feed and collect the eggs as Mia was asleep and John came home before he had to go to the dentist. I quickly discovered that my waterproof needs reproofing, I was only out 10 minutes and was soaked through literally to the skin in places, urghh need to sort out wet weather gear as well as the cold gear. I remember why I hate the winter now, I could be heard muttering about having only a few chickens for self sufficiency purposes rather than a large flock. The rain is coming over the top of the guttering inside the stable block, I did tell John he needed to clear them a couple of weeks ago when I did the ones I could reach, need to start those lists again I think 😝 At least I had already lit the fire so it was nice and warm when I came back in. 
Wednesday: Cold this morning but at least it’s not raining. Did the morning stuff, put the eggs out for sale and had a conversation with a regular customer who is retiring to the coast next week so will no longer be coming. I wished him all the best and hope he finds a nice little farm to buy his eggs from where he is going. I have been remiss about making bread for the last couple of weeks, I just didn’t have the time or the inclination but I’m back on track with that again, I may even make a cake today 😀

Definitely got my cooking head on as I decided to prepare a lamb stew for tomorrow which will cook in the Rayburn this evening, an apple and blueberry sponge pudding, a batch of dumplings, some for the stew and some to freeze for another day and some fully loaded potatoes that cook in the slow cooker to go with the pork chops later. Stews are great because you just make it up as you go along with whatever you have, this one is stewing lamb, potatoes, butternut squash, onions, rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper, red wine, some pontack sauce, vegetable stock and cornflour. 

I would have done more cooking but I had Mia from lunchtime so Bing and babies were on the agenda instead.

Thursday: I plan to pack a fair bit into today so I was up early and got the bathroom and living room cleaned before daybreak came 😜 Then out to do the morning feeding etc, the grass in the back paddock particularly, is like a skating rink so we have decided to move the hens from there and put them into the POL pen for the winter as nothing else will be going in there. They will be let out to free range every day but not until mid morning that way we will hopefully get the eggs laid all in one place instead of all over the farm. But my first job on the list is to make a secure pen within the rabbit run for the babies, bit of a mission as they can seemingly squeeze through the tiniest of gaps, an hour later, a roll of chicken wire, staple gun, wire cutters, scratched hands, dirty knees and the sides of a run and objective achieved 😀 I can now let them out into a bigger area and assess their health etc. After that it was on to prepare the POL run for the hens, my plan is to get it all cleaned, put in a dust bath made up of diatomaceous earth, wood ash, louse powder and shavings, extra nesting boxes which will be plastic buckets and tubs, and lure them in at the afternoon feed with corn. I very nearly managed to get all but about 10 hens in so that’s not bad, the rest we will gather up when we have time or hopefully they may follow suit later tomorrow. 

Meanwhile I have been making a list of jobs for John to do at the weekend and a shopping list of things we need for the Farm, lightbulbs for the hay barn, rat poison, I’m determined to not have the same problem we had last year and the cats seem completely useless, feed, including wild bird feed because the little birds that have grown in number are raiding the rabbit food to the extent that there are bird droppings galore in there, might as well get something to feed them as it’s costing me which ever way I do it 😜

Josh and Shelley came over in the afternoon and helped me to feed the rabbits some fresh veggies and feed the horse, I didn’t get round to cleaning the rest of the house but there is always tomorrow😀

The stew, complete with dumplings was superb, only I forgot to get a photo before we ate it 😝

Friday: Up early again as I forgot to put the dustbin out last night so need to get it out before 6am, not that they come before 8 but on the day I don’t do it you can bet your life they will be early! John was also up early so he went out and cleaned out the front hens, fed the and let them out, saves me a job 😀 
The weather yesterday, by the way was cracking for early November, this mornings sky is dark and ominous, however it is windy so I’m hoping the dark clouds will blow around us and not towards us.

One of the jobs in the mornings that I do now is laying the fire in the Rayburn ready for lighting as soon as I think it’s getting cold, at the moment that’s usually around 1pm as the heat from the night before slowly ebbs away, we have been burning pure logs for a while as I have been saving the wood ash for the chicken dust baths and for the garden. It needs to be good wood and not wood with nails for obvious reasons and it needs to be untreated, then it’s perfect for all sorts of uses around the farm. 

I went out to do the rest of the feeding and discovered there are only 3 baby rabbits in the run, ffs! They have chewed through one of the ties, pulled the metal fencing forward and escaped, I think that’s my lot with them they can take their chances in the wild 😩

Gave the windows a clean, I say that rather loosely, not my forte, window cleaning 😜 I hate it but at this time of year with the low sun you can see all the dirt and eventually it starts to really annoy me so out comes the bucket, cloth and the window rubber thing, my windows are small and few but I do need the hop up to reach the top, and now I have cleaner windows with a few smears, that will do for me 😝😝 I have better things to do than spend an age getting them smear free 😏

I started thinking about the Mid Winter feast and the various components, the meat is in the freezer as are the veg, I have all the ingredients for making the pudding, I just need to pick a good time that incorporates, the soaking of the fruit, the children coming to stir it and the hours of steaming it will need, I went onto testing the sloe gin I made last year, yep 10am I’m on the booze, well a little sip at least, I think I need to add a bit of sugar syrup and I might add a cinnamon stick to give it a deep, warming quality, not that it doesn’t have that already 😀 but I fancied giving it a go. The mincemeat has been developing nicely for a few weeks now and in our house we traditionally start making, and eating mince pies from Dec 1st, I don’t usually make a Christmas cake as we are always still eating it for weeks after we have got fed up of it but we will have visitors this year so I shall make one very soon. Obviously we have the nuts I gathered and plenty of fruit in the freezer to make many a splendid dish with 😀 We shall eat like kings🤴 and queens 👸 

Once I began thinking about it I couldn’t resist getting the Christmas cake underway, so I dug out all the dry ingredients I needed and set them to soak in brandy, as usual I went off piste and used what I had so instead of currants I used dried figs and some sorry looking satsumas in the fruit bowl went in as well, I whizzed both lots up separately in the food processor, and in they went, along with sultanas and raisins, I don’t have glacé cherries at the minute but the soaking is a three day process so plenty of time to get some and put them in. I am loosely following a Mary Berry recipe just to get the weights and I didn’t have any oranges hence the satsumas, I also don’t like waste so the whole lot went in not just the juice, the membrane can be taken out once the flesh has fallen off and incorporated, just pick it out. 

Saturday: Today I thought it was high time to tackle the office come dumping ground! That was a big job that took most of the day, everything pulled out sorted out, piles for the charity shop, piles for the rubbish bin, piles for giving or selling on. It is a multifunction room really and most things are stored in there, grandchildren paraphernalia, Christmas stuff, photo albums, hoover, spare chair, fold out bed, a small chest of drawers filled with stuff we haven’t worn for a few years, cctv monitor, music system as well as the desk, filing cabinet, folders of paperwork, printer etc you get the idea, it’s pretty rammed. As a consequence when I am cleaning I kind of look in there hoover the floor and shut the door so it was well over due for a de webbing and dusting too. I felt it was a great and worthy achievement when it was finished, how long it will stay like that is anyone’s guess 😝 Meanwhile, John took care of all the outside work and feeding, cleaning gutters out, tidying the muck heap, burning rubbish, all the jobs on my list and a few more besides 😀

The rain has put us squarely back into winter mode and the dogs were filthy by the end of the day so they had their first bath in a while, they were not happy but what’s not to like they have a bath to stand in AND hot water to boot, can’t please some. 

Sunday: The weather is windy today so that should dry things up a little, I went out and checked the baby rabbits but apart from that John did the rest, including cleaning out the ducks. I came in and got started on mixing up the Christmas cake ready to go in the oven. 

I’m on a roll with the Christmas eating ideas now and I think I will try a pork pie with hot crust pastry, never done it before so excited about giving it a go. 

Apart from the usual domestic chores and going down to do the horse that was pretty much it for the day and we are having dinner at Charlie and Maccas tonight so I don’t even have to cook 😀

The photos are the stages of the cake, it smells divine, now just got to decide how to decorate it in a few weeks time. 

Clocks change, Halloween and Bonfire night, Winters here! 

Sunday : Late afternoon evening, it feels like that time is all over the place today, first the time goes quick then it seemed to slow down to almost a stop lol, one thing is for sure the evenings in will be longer 😝 roll on December 21st when the nights will draw out again.Monday: Bit of a shocker to the system, must have gone down to around -2/3 last night judging by the frost and ice this morning. I always find it quite exhilarating though, the first real cold snap of the Autumn. The leaves will fall from the trees rapidly as the sun gets on them today, it’s quite a phenomenon if you get to see it, anything tender in the garden will wither away and hibernate until next year, and we will dig out all the warm clothes we need including my isotherm wellies which keep my feet warm down to at least -10 shouldn’t need them to go lower than that! First job after feeding and watering (and coffee) is cleaning the ducks out, John did the hen huts at the back yesterday and the front hens get done each morning as part of the routine. Then I cleaned out the rabbit hut, I thought there was a dead baby in there this morning but it was all the fur that the mums pulled out to line the nest, it has now gone a bit soggy, time to clean it out and put in new bedding, although the babies are nowhere to be seen again, eventually they will get to big to get behind the wood. As it is such a lovely day I did a bit in the veg garden, clearing some dead foliage from the other asparagus bed and the banana squash then onto clearing the beans, note to self don’t tie the canes up so tight next time they are a bugger to get undone once the vegetation has grown all around it! I did save some of the beans and I will dry them to use for planting next year, there were a few more butter beans to be had as well. I put double layers of fleece round the peppers in the big poly tunnel, we will see if they survive or not, nothing to lose by trying.

It was a pleasant morning, the ducks kept me company rooting about where I had dug up weeds or plants, there were three cock pheasants strutting their stuff in the paddock, brave of them I thought, obviously no one has told them it’s hunting season 😜

In the afternoon Sam and Mia came over and we had Josh as well for a pumpkin carving session, while the adults wielded the knives the kids got their hands in pulling out the pumpkin guts, pretty sure Mia will be a large animal vet when she is older judging by the way she went in up to her elbows without a care lol. 

Tuesday: All Hallows Eve, The Feast of the Dead, Samhain, the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the dark months, celebrated with feasts, bonfires and when the livestock are bought in for winter.

It was raining first thing but brightened up now, whizzed round and did the morning chores, only one dog with me this morning as Mia dog is hobbling on 3 legs so is on bed rest for a few days, it’s no wonder the way they charge around the farm all day long. I put a basket of sweets in the egg shed, well we can’t let the children have all the fun, hopefully it will give the egg customers a cheeky smile or two. I had Mia in the afternoon and now the clocks have changed John has to come home just before dark to put the birds away on the days she is here as it clashes with her dinner time and a toddler and their dinner won’t wait lol. 

Wednesday: Went round and did the morning feeding etc all is well, it was a lovely sunny day so I set about cutting back and tidying the flower bed (lose term 😝) next to the back door. All the elder I cut down I have left in a pile for bugs to use as Winter quarters and I haven’t raked the ground over as I want it left to decompose naturally and add benefit to the soil. There are tons of leaves around too but any gardener worth their salt will either put them into a leaf mulch bin or pile them onto any available beds because they are full of nutrients and gathering them up for the green waste bin would be sacrilege, they will eventually replace any leached nutrients when the worms have done their job. I have used a bit of old stock fence to put round the bed as the dogs seem to use any space that is useful for a toilet! I have also done one of the few bits of weed killing that has to be done which is the ménage and the back driveway, I did wonder what it would be like if I just left the driveway to grass over but I think, slippy, is the answer to that. 

While Sam was here this morning we managed to get all the baby rabbits out of the hidding place and block it up so they can’t get back in (fingers crossed)……update on that, had to unblock it as I realised after looking at photos there are seven and we only got five out! 
Thursday: Cold morning but the sun should come out, got the morning jobs done then went straight into the veg garden to do some more weeding and cutting back. I took the before and after photos this time 😀 I still have plenty of weeding and digging up to do so am hoping the weather stays fair 😜 Shelley, Josh and Charlie came over and made chocolate crispie cakes, by the time they left it was time to do the afternoon feeding, light the fire and put the bins out. Somewhere in between I ordered some new pocket torches, the ones we had have given up the ghost and the on,y other one is a great big rechargeable one, which is, as I type, charging ready for the dark nights. Tonight I have set the wildlife camera up in the front drive, I want to see what is munching on the windfall apples, probably only rabbits but you never know, might be something interesting. 

Friday: Foggy this morning and I don’t think it’s going to burn off any time soon, it doesn’t really inspire me to work outside today lol. Did the feeding then checked on the baby rabbits as they appear to be getting out, I’m thinking they will probably eventually leave or breed close by 😩 not what I want to happen but I can’t get them altogether, maybe have to try catching them one at a time and locking them up till I have them all. Going for a foggy walk with Shelley and Josh this morning, hopefully get some nice atmospheric photos. 

Lit the Rayburn at lunchtime as it’s still foggy and not lifting, it seeps into your bones urgh. 
Saturday: I don’t feel too well today, nothing specific but a few aches and pains and no energy to do anything, John did the morning rounds while I sorted out the horse who has been coming in because of the fireworks and then I didn’t do anything all day except lay on the sofa! John had to go to work and he did the animals when he came home, I did managed to sew the seam on my winter farm coat and get the dinner but that was about it. Huge full moon tonight.  

Sunday: Guy Fawkes 🔥 Feeling better today although still sluggish but capable 😝 John did the animals and I did the horse again then I got myself ready as I am spending the day on a workshop learning something new 😀 hopefully you will see the results in a photo providing I can do it lol. 

Might be a bit later posting this as after the workshop we are off to watch some fireworks and bonfire, I do love Guy Fawkes night 🎆 

So I am back from the workshop, had a very lovely relaxing day being taught how to use Powertex and we made little fairy houses with it but the possibilities are endless. 

If you want to know more get in touch with Mo Lafford email molafford@hotmail.co.uk find her Facebook or call on 07837173708.